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TEDx Talk – We Ride The Shift by Valeria Kechichian 2015 – Madrid

Longboard Girls Crew’s CEO Valeria Kechichian gives her first TED Talk telling her and LGC’s story, and linking how the values that our community is build upon are inspiring women to apply them in their personal and professional life. Today, the real revolution is Love.

Facebook – Women Leadership Day 2017 – Rio de Janeiro

Valeria Kechichian was invited by Facebook to talk about Female Empowerment to their female leaders from Latin America and Miami during their annual event ‘Women Leadership Day’ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She was also part of the Female Empowerment Panel with Marisabel Ruiz from SHEVA, moderated by Facebook’s Isabella Motta.

Interview TEDx IE Business School 2016 Madrid

Valeria Kechichian, CEO of Longboard Girls Crew, talks about society’s rules that limit fearlessness and what happened when she decided to break free from them.

SWISS LIFE – Motivational Talk to the Company’s employees. “The Quest of Finding Meaning” by Valeria Kechichian 2016 – Zurich

A Talk about awakening to our true potential and dismantling some of the system’s rules.

ISPO – Women In Board & Action Sports Annual Gathering – Be The Change You Want To See by Valeria Kechichian 2014 – Munich

Valeria talks about LGC, why and how she supports and promotes Women in Action Sports, the shift the Industry and society must do in order to achieve real happiness and providing healthy role models to society.

EuroSIMA – “How to attract the Female Market” 2014 – Hossegor France

EuroSIMA invited us to talk to the international Surf, Snow and Skate Industry leaders on how to attract the female market. Valeria addressed how the quality and quantity of female exposure have affected the Industry and the need to shift it in order to grow the market and heal various social issues.

Universidad Mondragón – Master Classes 2014/2015 – Irún

Lecturer at the ‘Surf Marketing Management’ Master’s Degree talking about Longboard Girls Crew, Women in Action Sports, achieving real gender equality and industry backing and the importance of healthy exposure.

Aula Estadio Aretoa – Longboard Girls Crew: Una comunidad internacional de patinadoras
2012 – Vitoria

La primera charla que dimos sobre mujeres, deporte y crear una comunidad.

TEDx Talk – El Cambio Empieza en Uno por Valeria Kechichian  2017

Valeria Kechichian demuestra cómo el adoctrinamiento al que somos sometidos desde que nacemos no es quienes somos y aporta herramientas para empezar la más fundamental de las revoluciones: la interior. También habla de lo que impulsó a la creación de Longboard Girls Crew y nuestra ONG Longboard Women United.

Fundación Telefónica Argentina – La Importancia de la Exposición Femenina por Valeria Kechichian

Valeria habla de cómo la calidad y la cantidad de exposición femenina determinan la percepción que tiene la sociedad sobre las mujeres y nosotras de nosotras mismas.

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