April 7, 2018

LGC USA’s Rachel Bagels – Blast Off

LGC US Ambassador Rachel Bagels raging down a road somewhere in southern California. Enjoy! Remember to always skate within your limits on open roads!
March 23, 2018

LGC Canada’s Emma Daigle – Seize Îles

LGC Canadian rider, yogi, artist & nomad Emma Daigle soaking up the winter sun and those wind-in-your-face kinda runs. Quick Clips: Emma Daigle / Seize Îles from…
March 13, 2018

LGC Italy in ‘Dance with the Dirty’

Last week part of LGC Italy & The North Girls road tripped to Rimini, Italy to take part in the 'Dance with the Dirty' Longboard…
March 11, 2018

Skate To Fight Sexual Assault

Skate to Fight (STF) is a group created by James Harris and Beau Durrant to help raise awareness and give support and help to skaters of…