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OrganiCup – Join the revolution!

By October 16, 2017 No Comments

For us, it was never *only* about skateboarding. It was always about love, camaraderie between women, empowerment to achieve our true potential, inspiration as a tool for change… We made sure that most brands we have partnered up with these past years were on the same page we were and wanted to promote the same values we’ve been promoting since our beginning.

As we evolve we have witness and also been a drive to a changing Industry, always pushing the female movement forward. With the creation of our new non-profit association LONGBOARD WOMEN UNITED we’re working more and more getting involved in women’s issues all over the world and witnessing how something as our periods can cause great discomfort, shame, discrimination and even exclusion for girls and women in their communities.




It is with great joy that we announce the partnership with OrganiCup, a menstrual cup brand based in Denmark that besides selling cups worldwide they are working on normalizing menstruations, donating cups to girls and projects in developing countries and providing education.


For those who aren’t familiar, a menstrual cup is an alternative to pads and tampons and it’s made of 100% medical grade silicone. They are free of bleach, glue, perfume, lotion or indeed anything that doesn’t belong inside your body. Click HERE for a detailed explanation. Need a step-by step guide on how to use it? No problem! Click HERE!


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Besides not getting your body in touch with any dangerous chemicals like the ones inside pads and tampons, you will have more conscious menstruations, getting in touch with your period, female cycles and what your body is telling you in each one of them. This is something many of us have experienced after using the cup.

Seems like menstruations have very negative connotations while it should be something to be celebrated, not cursed. Human life exists on the Planet thanks to our periods and us women are so disconnected to ourselves that we don’t seem to realize our magnificence and capability. Accepting and blessing our periods is part of a healing process us women are working on.

Another huge benefit of using a cup is no more waste. An average woman uses 11.000 pads or tampons during a lifetime. Using a cup means 30 grams of waste instead of 30 kg.

Also, one single cup is less than 25€ and lasts for 10 years. THE SAME CUP. We know, right?



Benefits of using a menstrual cup:

  • Save tons of $$ in tampons and pads
  • No more chemicals in touch with your body
  • Have more conscious menstruations
  • Create zero waste for the Planet


Some of our LGC Ambassadors including Amanda Powell (USA), Ishtar Bäcklund (Sweden), Ayumi Oride (Japan) and Valeria Kechichian (Argentina/Spain) are also Ambassadors for OrganiCup and share the love for this product.


For me there’s a before and after using the cup. I use to have super painful periods and since I use the cup the pain has reduced to almost nothing. I think it has a lot to do with having more conscious menstruations, listening and accepting everything in my body. The cup got me in touch with a part of me I was neglecting –Valeria Kechichian.


Having our periods is part of the cycle that makes life possible in the Planet. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, on the contrary, it’s something to be celebrated.

So ladies, we invite you to leave behind old beliefs and start experiencing more conscious menstruations. Talk about it with your friends and family. Let’s normalize them while also taking care of the Planet.

Please check OrganiCup out in their web, Instagram and Facebook pages. You can order your cup HERE.

We have a special promotion due to our partnership and by using the promo code LGC your shipment will be for free.

We would also love to hear your feedback! Make sure to comment on this article or in our social media posts. By sharing our experiences we’re helping #normalizemenstruations.



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All photos by Cecilia Alvarez-Hevia Arias.