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FERDA GIRLS: Biker Women grab back

By August 28, 2017 No Comments

Well, it’s happening everywhere. Sport that until recently were mostly male-dominated are slowly becoming mix-gendered. Besides the general stoke we all share for this there is still some people who are taking just a bit more time adjusting to the logic world of equal rights, opportunities and exposure for all genders (not that we’re there, but many of us are working on it).

Led by Micayla Gatto and featuring some of Whistler’s locals, FERDA GIRLS is a direct, hysterical response to some male riders and the industry’s behaviours and reactions towards women biking. The video is a parody of Kendrick Lamar’s HUMBLE and besides parodying and overplaying some scenes, most of us have gone through similar situations more often than not.

We understand that achieving real gender equality for all will take some more time and work. In the meantime, be humble friends. There’s room for everyone.

Big thanks to one of our favourite feminists, World DH Skateboarding Champion and mountain biker himself Martin Siegrist for showing us this video and always having our back. Men like you <3

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