Get Inspired: LGC Italy’s Sara Mamone – Thirst to Ride

Sara Mamone is my Heroin.
Sara is a wonderful woman, brave, perseverant, humble, with a big smile and an unbelievable thirst to ride. Sara has serious knee issues and can’t skate on her feet or use a regular luge board. So her friend Carlo Righetti came up with the Bastardboard, a special kind of board that Sarah can actually ride and pursue her passion with.

Last August she was able to enjoy BIGMOUNTAINSKATE’s Belajoyride in Austria. Her friend Alexander Frischauf did a follow-up and Guido Cipolla and myself edited this little video for her.

SARA IS BORN TO BE WILD from Lilù on Vimeo.

I think Sara illustrates very well what Downhill Skateboarding is all about: let go our fears and shame, go down a mountain and feel the speed in our veins. We call this freedom… and Sara can now feel it too.

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Thanks for the inspiration, Sara!

li-lu-italyLi Lú