New speed World record: 143.89 Km/h!

By September 10, 2016 2 Comments

In case you haven’t heard the news, Kyle Wester broke the Speed World Record on a skateboard by reaching 143.89 Km/h (89.41mph). The previous record¬†was held at 130.63 Km/h (81.17mph). Check the epic footage!

Funny this came out this past week as this weekend Red Bull is hosting in Canada an invite-only event called Top Speed Challenge. The current IDF Women’s World Champion Emily Pross is over there and yesterday reached 116.19 Km/h (72.2mph).

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Kyle is stoked!

Will the record be broken this weekend? Will it be Emily breaking it? Is Spoky (Marie Bougourd, Kyle’s wife and a fast DH rider herself ) be the one challenging her husband? Emily threw a nice hint in one of Marie’s post about Kyle’s achievement.

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Haha. This above.¬† So yeah, who’s next?! Keep pushing your limits and setting new standards!

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Emily Pross killing it. CK Photography




  • Marie Wester says:

    Hey LGC thank you for sharing this! Kyle is one of the rare male making it in your blog loooool. About challenging him, i have no need to do it. Kyle had this dream since a while, he first skated this road and realized what he was able to achieve and he just worked hard to make it happen. I don’t think that going 89mph was the toughest thing , just the organisation of all of this was a mission and it took about a year to complete it, even though he’s not finished, he wants to go faster than ever and will work harder to beat his own record… i think i have a lot of stress and anxiety coming up again in a close future lol.

  • Walter says:

    Thanks for sharing the good news with us. Congratulations to Kyle and Marie! They both are really cool. Looks like the organizers did a really great job. Keep up the good work you guys. On to the next challenge.