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Support Viet-Shred, Vietnamese non-profit helping people through longboarding

Our LGC Vietnamesse Ambassador Anna Selina Kager created Viet-Shred in 2014 during a very inspiring time in Vietnam. Initially the group was a way for her to connect with locals. Later on they became very close friends and she experienced her friends’ struggles at first hand.

She now launches a crowd-founding campaign to create opportunities in a country where there are not so many.

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Future prospects of young adults descending from impoverished families in Vietnam are more or less on the edge. To improve our livelihood and establish job opportunities we founded Viet Shred. Built upon the idea to strengthen the community while creating a workspace and offer education, Viet Shred could apply unique support in a world of unstable conditions.

Please help them create a safer place and new opportunities for local people. CLICK HERE to support and donate to their Generosity.com campaign.

Proud to have a crew with humans so devoted to make this world a better place. Let’s keep working!