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Amanda Powell – Our Movement

Recently I saw an ad campaign for a feminine hygiene product about the phrase, “Like A Girl”. Males and females of all ages were asked to demonstrate what it means to do something like a girl. The adults of both genders and the young boys acted out activities like a girl with daintiness, timidity, and lack of skill. The young girls, however, demonstrated any activity like a girl with the utmost power and confidence. What does that say? I believe it reveals that we still have a lot of work cut out for us to change the world’s perception of females, but we are well on our way. The fact that many young, feisty girls have the ability to see themselves as equals to males is outstanding and inspiring. We must do everything we can to keep this trend growing.

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Obviously, women have come incredibly far in the past few decades – can you believe that there was a time not long ago when we were not allowed to vote? When the only role we were allowed to pursue was to be a housewife; cooking, cleaning, and taking care of the family? When physical activities, education, and leadership were not an option for us? Clearly we have come leaps and bounds since that time, but I believe that there are still so many issues deeply rooted in society that we need to realize, address, and take a stand against. Ride on, my sisters. We are in the middle of a movement.

Every female that I see on a skateboard brings so much joy to my heart. To me, it doesn’t matter if these girls are just learning to push, or if they are totally ripping. I’m simply stoked that these ladies found the courage inside of themselves to break through the ridiculous wall of gender roles that still exists everywhere today. So much of the population is still under the impression that skateboarding is “too physical” and “too dangerous” for females. What!? They want us to keep our “fragile” bodies unscathed to fit into their ludicrous idea of what a beautiful woman is. Girls, I encourage you to use your body in every way you can! Wear your scars with pride! Do it for yourself, for your own well-being, and for our future. We all have the power within ourselves to stand up against what society wants us to be. We’re putting up a hell of a fight, and we have to persist.

amanda powell, longboard girls crew, longboarding, skate, girl, women, rad women, strong women, women supporting women, gender equality, feminism, cool

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Sexism is everywhere, and “sex sells” couldn’t be a more bogus statement. For every ounce of progression women have made towards equality, advertisement agencies are negating with their sexist campaigns. What bothers me the most are the Photoshopped images of unattainable female bodies and sports ads that portray women as only ornaments to the male athletes. I’m sure like many of you, this is the type of media I grew up with, and have watched drastically increase over time. This type of imagery has been ingrained in my mind like brainwash. The enormous pressure to be pretty, thin, petite, delicate, and unblemished – to be desirable to men – stems an endless slew of very unhealthy issues. We must unlearn what we have been taught.

People will call us crazy feminists for this. They will continue to tell us to get back in the kitchen. They will mock our athleticism. The truth is that they are scared that we are waking up and realizing our power. We are not just cute decorations, we are not pieces of meat to be gawked or hollered at, we are not here to cater to the men. We are equal in every way and we don’t deserve the mental torture of this ongoing sexism. Gals are ripping harder than ever, on boards and in life. If you don’t have something nice to say about that, keep your mouth shut. Seriously. The choices women make, whether it’s what we wear, how we act, or what activities we participate in, don’t warrant a peep of negative feedback. We are stronger than ever for being brave enough to stand tall against all odds and pursue whatever we damn well please. So ladies, let us be this change that we want and need to see in the world. I’m extremely proud of everyone associated with Longboard Girls Crew – our badassery is history in the making. Let’s grow the ovaries (not balls) to continue to destroy the irrational role that is expected of us!

Amanda Powell

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  • Amanda says:

    I agree with you. (I know my english is horrible, sorry) I started longboarding two months ago, and…I feel strong and free. I don´t care what people say about me. I think women can do anything we set our minds and we musn’t let society tell us, how we are.

  • Sarah says:

    Thank you Amanda. Thank you so much for inspiring me and every women involved in LGC. It’s time we finally see the strength in ourselves without being afraid of showing it to the world.
    We’re going to grow so strong together, I truly believe we can fix the mess that’s currently going on about women and our role in the society.
    All the love x

  • Pierre Carbuccia says:

    Hate that type of advertisement… *hint Caliber trucks hint*

  • Jess says:

    Woohoo!!! Go Amanda! Love this piece you have written, really made my morning 🙂 You’ve inspired me more to just love myself the way I am, and just continue being badass haha xx

  • Hey, your message sent goosebumps across my body and shivers down into my soul. I have seen that advert you mention after seeing a ‘be a man’ video which was similarly upsetting with social gender messages we are sending to our young ones. I came across your community when I was looking for longboarding and life inspiration, (I dream be travelling and skating with friends in the next couple of years). I am relativity new to the sport, only been in the game a couple of years, but I am working and aspiring each day to get to your level skill and knowledge. I bring my board to every country I go, it has become my most cherished possession, the freedom, challenges, adrenaline and danger appeal to my heart. However I discovered this through FB and when I read it, it touched my soul.

    I detest the social gender stereotypes placed on our societies, ignoring the human beings we all are. I agree with all you wrote, why have we allowed sexualisation to become so strong (and begin so scarily young). I work with young people from all over the world, and try to put that same message across to boys and girls. It is called Mother Nature for a reason, there would be no life without females, we owe you everything yet decide we own you like a possession. It may be true that males are on average physically stronger, but in my opinion, females are mentally, emotionally and spiritually light years ahead of most of us.

    I am sorry for the long comment, you are all just such inspirations for the level of longboarding you have acquired and philosophies you carry. You are breaking barriers and are very brave people for doing so. Change needs to come and I ask myself and others nearly every day, If not us, who? If not now, when?

  • Azri says:

    Hi. First of all, I want to thank you guys. I fell ill 2 1/2 years ago. I was diagnosed with a type of ulcerative colitis. I lost a lot of blood and I couldn’t digest any food. Now it’s confirmed I have chrones disease. I also suffer from diabetes. I was in the hospital for a month. While I was there, I came upon by chance the Lgc videos on the web. Seeing those videos make me want to longboard. But I needed to wait for almost a year to regain my strength. Then I bought my first longboard. Took me a while to get grips to how to ride. Saw more videos of you guys and that gave me confidence. I’m able to live with my disease and control my diabetes because I started longboarding. Amanda, you are right about the world’s view on women. You guys are doing great by showing the world how the past perception of women are wrong. You guys are my inspiration. I am a 43 year old man. Husband to a wonderful independent woman. She is the personification of a modern woman . I’m a father to a 9 year old daughter. I showed the Lgc videos to her to show her that women can do anything, n they are equal to men. I do not want her to grow up in a world where she has to face the discrimination of the past. I want her to grow up confident n achieve success n not be judge because of her gender. The world must change. My wife got inspired too. There was tears in her eyes seeing you guys bombing down a hill. She was that positively affected by those scenes.I have been encouraging family members who are women to check out the Lgc videos. I want them to have the same courage you guys have. You guys are my inspiration to live. I wish all success in whatever you guys will do in the future . Me and my family thank you. Long live Longboard Girls Crew!

    • Longboard Girls Crew says:

      Wow Azri, thanks so much for your amazing words… they brought tears to our eyes. Where can I reach you? xx