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OPEN worldwide premiere in Madrid video!

By March 17, 2015 One Comment

Please take a minute to enjoy what has been one of the greatest nights of our lives. OPEN -by Daniel Etura- premiered worldwide in Madrid last November during the Madrid Skate Film Festival and several OPEN riders came from all over the world to whiteness this epic moment. To see the photo review & stories from that weekend click here and to see the girl’s and everyone reaction after seeing the movie for the first time see the video below.

Shot & edited by Alex Moreán, this video sums a night full of emotions, premiering a kind of movie never done in longboarding before. Enjoy!

Once again, thanks everyone for coming and sharing this magic moment with us. Thanks everyone who is going to the screenings around the word and making hundreds of km to be there, we absolutely love you!

Big thanks to all the riders: Cindy ZhouAmanda PowellKatie NeilsonIshtar Backlünd, Jenna RussoCristina Mandarina, Marisa Nuñez, Micaela Wilson, Eider Walls, Jacky MadenfrostGador Salís, Gina Mendez, Cami Best & Valeria Kechichian for giving their best performance and massive thanks to all the production crew: Director Daniel Etura, Local Production & brothers Dasilva Boards, Production Assistant Maria Carrasco, Sound Engineer Nerio Gutierrez & danger rider Matt K for giving their best in order to achieve a movie like this. 

Thanks to our sponsors, artists who kindly gave us their music and all our Indiegogo supporters. We couldn’t have done this without each and every one of your contributions. Together we’re making history!

As we always say, for more to come, this is just the beginning.

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Tom Goldwasser photo

One Comment

  • Catalina Calderón says:

    hola! soy catalina vivo en santiago, chile!
    quería saber si abra una premier en chile, la verdad es que estoy con muchas ganas de ver OPEN y lo unico que quiero es verla y saber de lo que me pierdo.
    espero su respuesta, saludos