There’s a new facebook group called: #showmeatrick

If you’ll notice, that’s also a hashtag, so you could google it, or instagram it, or tweet it.

Or visit the facebook group, which is here:

#showmeatrick on Facebook

The group has no affiliation with a brand, it’s about the skaters.  Started by  Matt Burke, a skater of many decades, it’s simply his brain’s gift to skaters in this weird virtual world we live in.

And it’s AWESOME!

A few thoughts from Mr. Burke:

“It’s crazy how it’s blowing up.  We are getting posts from around the world and I am getting so may direct messaged thanking me for starting it.  I just wanted to create something that was un-branded and fun for the community.  I wanted a platform where any kid can post his tricks without having to play a game of skate or one-up manship.  I can’t think of anything more simple than #showmeatrick.  I’d love to see it grow internationally and create friendships and conversations throughout the entire skateboarding and longboarding communities.  I have not seen very many pages that allow a crossover between the two and this one seems to be working quite well.

Some of the things I have planned for the upcoming weeks are guest appearances from pros and skateboard royalty.  Several of my friends in the industry have already agreed to do it and some have actually even reached out to me to ask how they can get involved.  The most important thing is that it remains unbranded and not for companies to market themselves.  Another think that I’m enjoying is the fact that several women are posting and getting the same type of respect as the men.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 11.26.14 AM

So here’s the deal.

You do a trick, and you film it.  On anything.  Your shitty cell phone is fine.  After you upload it, you call someone out.  Anyone. Tag them.  That’s it.

Love the process.


Go get ’em girls.  (And tigers.)



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