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Ride For Shift: Time to change things!

By May 22, 2014 No Comments

ride for shift, inspiration, change the world

We are proud to introduce you to the Ride For Shift movement, a movement we’re very close to and deeply involved with. 

Ride for Shift is a Platform created to inspire and promote the love and good that surround us. It’s the place where inspiring people, stories and initiatives meet, a space where you open your heart and show the world your beauty.

Morgan Maassen, ride for shift, change the world, surf, longboard

Morgan Maassen photo

From Longboard Girls Crew we’ve always tried to do things differently, working for people and particularly women we never even met but felt the urge to support and keep doing it. We created a worldwide movement that supports and inspires people around the globe. Ride For Shift aims to do the same gathering not only all action sports but absolutely every human being on the planet.

“We’re the ones we’ve been waiting for” Hopi

Are you ready to open your heart and share the stories that have touched you deeply in your life? That made you realize something big and offer it as a gift to the person next to you? Now is the time! There is no other time than the NOW.


Join the community, become a Shiftrider!

ride for shift, change the world

Pic source: Skateistan

In their web Ride For Shift share beautiful and inspirational stories & initiatives. They also have ‘Godparents‘ for the movement: people that supports and spread the love with their actions. Some big names supporting this initiative include pro snowboarders Nicolas Müller, Sina Candrian, Pat Burgener, Olympic Gold Medalist , the legend Steve Klassen, former pro snowboarder Laurent Perraud, Action Sports expert and Longboard Girls Crew ‘Angel’ Iker Aguirre, presenter Chris Bachmann, Freeski legend JP Auclair, 2013 Freeride Worldtour Champ Ralph Backström and our own Longboard Girls Crew Director Valeria Kechichian.

This summer Ride For Shift puts together the Ride For Shift Camp on June 21st-26th in Flims Laax Falera, Switzerland, with pro snowboarder Sina Candrian, the 7sky Mag Team and many more greatly and hugely inspirational Shiftriders.

ride for shift, change the world, inspiration, camp, love

 A lifetime experience. A wonderful encounter with yourself, greatly and hugely inspirational participants, locals and nature! An invitation to take one step back and experience what we really need in our lives.

An invitation to ride for the shift.. A coming back to the essential!

The activities include Yoga, Qi Gong, Dancing and Meditation, ‘Riding’, Walking, Swimming, Workshops, Campfire-Stories and much more. Take a deep breath, jump in, and let yourself get guided into a beautiful and unforgettable 5 days experience, just for YOU.

Please click on the link for more info and register here.

See you there and remember: BE the change you want to see!

Morgan Maassen, ride for shift, change the world, surf, longboard

Morgan Maassen photo