Pamela Lobo’s new video & the Costa Rican scene

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Check out Longboard Girls Crew Costa Rica rider Pamela Lobo ripping in her home spot!

We love seeing the Costa Rican community growing strong. So many female riders are getting into the sport and ripping! Here some of our favorite photos from Costa Rican shredders.

longboard girls crew

Alba Zambón & Yiya having a blast. Mongo Mag photo.

Kala Chavez Pic Fotografía 20:20 Juank Morales

Kala Chaves! Juank Morales photo for Fotografia 20:20

Mariel Cadet by Pablo Bermudez.

la foto-14

Pamela Lobo & Jacky Madenfrost

sylvia mena, longboard girls crew

Sylvia Mena. Red Images photo.

pamela lobo costa rica

Pamela Lobo. Wadafoc photo.

Alba Zambon

Alba Zambon and a road with a view.

Kala Chaves

Kalita Chaves full tuck

 Go Costa Rica! Expect to see much more from these rad ladies.