Raisa’s Top 5 Videos of the week

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Hey there! How was your week? Today is Monday and we must be ready for everything that the next seven days can bring us. First, I want to thank my buddy Deascrea, for the header he designed for me over a photo of me taken by †Octavio Mazza† last Summer. What do you think about it?

I made a video selection from the past week, I hope you haven’t seen them yet and I hope you like it.

Pam DÌaz and Kurativo burning with fine slides a funny spot from their island. Stay tuned to the shot from Kurativo’s helmet camera because it’s worth it.

Kurativo & Pam Diaz

Kurativo & Pam Diaz from La Isla on Vimeo.

Fast girls Sonso Masiá and Cristina Verdú checking some roads from Alicante, YALA!!!

Gnarly Gnarlicante


Nayat Cheikh, Mary Sweet and Maria Lima were in Lisbon and made a Danish-French-Spanish style mix.

Freaks in Lisbon


Last year I learned that the Championnat de France de Skateboard have female category (bravo France!). Here ‘s a video of the female rounds from the Nantes phase celebrated the past weekend.

Championnat de France de Skateboard – GIRL – Nantes 2014


And as the last one from this week, I chose the Amateur 14 years old and under round from the Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic. Check out the big aerials that those little girls do at the concrete pool… They all are a big special example of motivation.

Vans Girls Combi Pool Classic 2014 – AM 14 & Under


And this is all for today! I’ll be back next Monday with more funny and gnarly videos from all over the World!
Lees talk and keep burning!

Raisa Abal

Raisa Abal