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Boarders for hope, philippines, longboard girls crew philippines, typhoon

“Last November 8, 2013 the Philippines was hit by one of the world’s strongest typhoons in recorded history. Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan), left in its path thousands of people homeless, jobless, and even hopeless. Some lost husbands, some lost wives, children, friends, and even whole families. The Philippine government is doing the best it can to alleviate the pain and suffering countless Filipinos are going through, but needless to say, the government cannot do it alone.”

These words are written from Trina Risos, Ambassador of Longboard Girls Crew Philippines. After the typhoon hit, Kat Augusto, from LGC PH reached out to people  through their social media, about them starting a group of volunteers. They where asking for help, so they could directly help as many victims as possible in the local areas around their base in Cebu City.

Boarders for hope, philippines, longboard girls crew philippines, typhoon

The devastation. Pic Epos Falcone

We are now three girls in Sweden who have started a Non Profit Project, Boarders for Hope. The objective of the project is to gather enough funds to help Haiyan survivors in terms of sustaining livelihood and income, via the volunteerwork of LGC PH. One of the proposed livelihood projects would be to purchase fishing nets to fishing villages mainly because most of the towns are comprised of fisher folks (coastal areas were the ones badly affected by the typhoon). If the raised funds achieve a certain amount, we may be able to buy them small fishing boats too. Everything depends on the entire amount we raise. In addition, if all goes well as mentioned, we can also stretch to land agriculture and carpentry.

This project was inspired by our interests in board sports. We named the project Boarders for Hope mainly because the project was created around the ideals of longboarding – to spread the love and stoke not only to longboarders but to anyone in need.

Packing aidkits

LGC Philippines packing Aid kits

There is a high spirit of helping and supporting each other in the community of board sports. After seeing what the Philippines were going through, we felt it was time to take action, by developing this project. This is our way of raising awareness of how we can get help directly to the people. We believe we can make a big difference, starting out with a small idea and taking it beyond words.

Philippines, Longboard Girls Crew Philippines, Boarders for Hope

Those smiles. Pic Epos Falcone

We have started a donation based fundraiser via PayPal where you can donate as little or as much money as you want ( This is where you can really help, even if you are far away from the Philippines.  We are also hosting a Charity Event, in Stockholm, where we will be selling board inspired art and photography, also local skateshops are donating merchandise. All the money raised during this event will go directly to the volunteer work of LGC PH.

We also want to inspire others to collaborate with us, maybe host your own event in your town. Longboard, skateboard, snowboard or surfevent, to get into the spirit of riding together or using the elements of art and good music to raise money and awareness for this project.

Philippines, longboard girls crew philippines, typhoon

Pic Epos Falcone

So help us spread the hope and stoke!
For more information about the project and how to donate,  check out:

if you would be interested in hosting your own charity event for this project, contact us at:

Thank you,

Lorenza. Lorenza D. Walkker

Lorenza D. Walker
Founder of Boarders for Hope