Possala Wang’s Summer Adventure

We had a catch up with miss Wang earlier in the summer after she came to visit in Spain. She tells us about her time in Europe, travels around America – and recovering from injury.

Khaleeq Alfred Photo

Khaleeq Alfred Photo

Possy buddy, how are you?
Hi! I’ve been better. How are you?

Hungry but happy to be reunited with P.Wizzie. How is your week going?
Haha thanks! My week has been pretty alright; finally home from a pretty rollercoaster trip and happy to be in Alex’s arms!

Aww. How is Mr Sk8.bits?
He’s doing pretty well. Being all suave with his bidness.

Where did this roller-coaster take you?
I went from Portland, Oregon to Goldendale, Washington and all the way down California to San Diego. I don’t really know the exact spots since I was not the one driving the Muirskate Van aka Muircedes.

Who else was on this trip?
Just me. I hopped about with a bunch of people. I was with the PDX skatehouse crew in Portland and Goldendale and stuck with Sara Paulshock, her boyfriend JT, Rachel Bruskoff, Rachel’s bf Matt, and Mioche Michelle for the road trip from Goldendale down Cali.
I flew in from Georgia to Portland. Rode up with the PDX Sk8bus to Maryhill. Then hitched a ride down south with my final destination in San Diego, California.

Khaleeq Alfred photo

Khaleeq Alfred photo

Last time we spoke was just after the first she ride? What did you get up to for the rest of 2012?
Why have you decided to wait a whole year to chat with me again? Anyways, after our last interview in 2012, I went up to Central Mass 3 and had lots of fun there. I made a skate video, got a couple of companies to support what I do and have just been skating, going to school, working, and doing my best to spread my companies’ words and product.
I went to some local events like the North Carolina State University Slide Jam, which I placed first girls out of 5 riders. I also went to a couple of Alabama downhill races (which were super gnarly and a good, hootin’ tootin’ time).
In December, right before my winter break I had a fairly bad accident. I tore my PCL after a skatepark session (NEVER take off your knee pads) and pretty much had to stop skating for a good while. Mid-recovery, drove down to Florida for the King of Kona (originally King of Clermont) and had a blast there in January 2013. Around April, I drove up to Ithaca Skate Jam and had a huge blast there, but also fucked up my knee I injured in December. I don’t think I’m going to completely recover from that incident.

Around June, I flew to Spain with Alex and had a blast there skating, eating, vacationing. Doing shit. Coincidentally, Jacky Madenfrost informed me that a freeride was happening at the same time so we registered, hooked up with the LGC and Toxic World Boardshop crew and road-tripped. The Rock n’ Board freeride was a lot of fun, the Spaniards really know how to enjoy the skate.
In between all of these events I went to, we also had a couple of local events in Georgia like Atlanta Streets Alive, Skate Clinics I hosted, and a Slide Jam Mason had called Skateday Bloody Skateday. Immediately after that, I flew out to the West Coast for the Maryhill She Ride 2013 and decided to skate parts of California while I was at it. California proved too much for me, especially since I haven’t been skating regularly like I did in 2012 because of my injuries and I further broke myself off in too gnar and dislocated my ankle (which I immediately popped right back in) and broke my tibula and fibula. A metal plate and a couple of screws later, my leg is now wrapped safely in a dashing purple cast and here we are, catching up. I’m sad I’m going to miss Central Mass 4 this year and I also won’t be able to skate the race I’m hosting. It’s a bit of a bummer but I can focus on other things like making edits, photos, events, etc. Pretty much increase the stoke around me while I’m down and out.

Alex Mendez photo

Alex Mendez photo

You haven’t had the best luck with injuries!
Haha I’m super clumsy. Skateboarding was not exactly the ideal sport to get into but I love it.

What protection do you use?
Helmet,  kneepads, and gloves for any skate. I pad up more for DH with additional elbow pads and the g form crash shorts. I also have a leather suit from Hillside.

What makes you keep coming back for more?
I abhor injuries but I love skating. My family begs me to stop because of my injuries and my financial situation (uninsured, I pay my own bills) but the love and the thrill of skateboarding brings me back. Anyone with a passion for anything will tell you the same thing: it’s all worth it.

You seem to be travelling a lot more now, who’s supporting your adventures?
Jati Boards, Action Board Sports, Metro Wheel Co., Shralper’s Union, Riptide Bushings, Fear To Faith, and Sk8bits all help me out with registration, travel fees, and gear. I also work and save up, but lately most of my savings have been going towards hospital bills and just general bills in life. I am truly appreciative of what these companies and organizations do to support my travels.

Is there a plan to get to a higher tier of sponsorship?
I am very thankful for what I have and not pushing for it at the moment.

How was the second she ride different?
As a She-Ride veteran, I still had a goal of having fun but I wanted to get into more pack runs, which I did. I made sure to take as many runs as possible to enjoy the curves. The first day went by getting used to how the new girls ride and remembering what it was like skating with old friends I haven’t seen in a year. On the second day, I had some pretty tight pack runs and suffered a pretty gnarly crash about 3 runs in. I was filming Neena Schueller with her iPhone, got sucked into her draft coming out of one of the left-to-rights in the same line. I didn’t want to ram into her ass so I bailed off to the side but my board shot out from under me and I tumbled super hard. I was in almost a similar situation earlier that day with Diane but I was able to bump her away from me unscathed. Neena was standing so I couldn’t reach her. I did think for a second about pushing her board, but I know that would have ended badly for both of us. Thinking back on it now, I could have tried to take the inside line.
You always learn from experiences and that’s how you get better.

Khaleeq Alfred photo

Khaleeq Alfred photo

Has women’s skateboarding seen any marked differences in the last year?
There has been an exponential increase in the number of lady shredders participating in events. You normally see women divisions in the big, sanctioned races but I started to also see women divisions in outlaws and slide jams too. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve also started to see lots of female shredders from not only in the U.S. but from all over the world too.

When will we see you at big sanctioned events?
Whenever my foot gives me the green flag.

What was it like to be in Europe?
Amazing. I’m sorry America, but thousands of years of growth kinda makes Europe a really awesome place. The food is incomparable. The healthcare system focuses on helping people and not earning money. The locals are super friendly and the environment is totally different. I miss Europe and would love to go back whenever I can.

Will you be back?
I sure hope so!

What was your favourite thing in Spain?
It’s between the food, the roads, and the naps.

What has been the skateboarding highlight of your year?
Each event I head out to is a freakin’ highlight of my year! I meet different people at different events but I always have a blast at every single one. I guess my longest 100% pure skate trip which you could pick as the highlight would be the long-awaited Maryhill She-Ride followed by the California road trip followed strongly by the trip to Spain. Because c’mon, it’s Europe.

How have you changed since we last spoke?
I don’t believe I’ve changed much? You should tell me haha.

Maryhill - Carl Warren photo

Maryhill – Carl Warren photo

What keeps your spirits up while you’re injured?
My boyfriend, Alex, is always there smiling and doing the little things that constantly make me smile too. He’s so adorable! =] Reddit too, keeps me well entertained. And I’ve also been getting into drawing again and working with a nice project with Aldrian. Love Jati Boards! Today, I discovered Dota 2.

What is Dota?
Defense of the Ancients, an online strategy game that puts players from the interwebs into two teams of five whose goal is to destroy their opposing team’s base. It’s kind of similar to League of Legends, another online strategy game. Yet incredibly different.

Is the Georgia community growing?
The community here is for sure growing! I remember my first skate clinic I held a good while ago had about maybe 8-10 good close friends show up. The last one had near three times as many and it’s still growing. New skaters popping up that I’ve never met before, but who are eager to learn and ask a lot of questions. Really, a lot of questions. Everyone freerides but going way fast is still something not many people do, which will change verrryyy soon!

What’s gonna make it change?
I believe a good, solid foundation of really dedicated skaters who love the sport with support from companies, especially the local ones, who love what we do. In addition to that, time. Time is definitely needed to map out the direction and make the change happen. Aside from skaters, the local community who support the skate would be a solid backing.

Can we do anything to help you stay happy while you heal?
Please draw me a majestic gnarwhale leaping out of the ocean water into the welcoming arms of a landshark?

Any shoutouts?
Huge shoutout to my Aunt and Uncle in California who drove 6 hours from their home to take care of me with my broken ankle. Lots of love to my wonderful boyfriend, Alex Mendez and friends who have helped in the healing process. Major props to Aldrian from Jati Boards in Georgia, Jim MacGregor from Action Board Sports in Michigan, Buddy Carr from Metro Wheel Co. in California, Brad and Tracey Miller from Riptide Bushings (<3), Ji Moon from Fear to Faith, and Noel Korman from Shralper’s Union for seeing something in me, believing it, supporting it, and helping me make things happen.

Of course, the local scene in Georgia who are growing the Southern skate scene lead by Mason McNay, Robbie Trotta, Ken from Skanunu, Robert E. Lee, and many others.