SFV Slide jam report

I recently decided to try to revive my local longboarding club: The SFV (San Fernando Valley) longboarders. It was the club that brought me into skating and made me fall in love with the sport. For various reasons our numbers were dwindling. I decided that a great way to help get the club back up and kicking was to open up one of our local favorite hills to a slide jam. After a super last minute location change, we settled on a rad hill up in the Malibu mountains.

The event started off with great promise of an awesome day packed with skating and blazing heat. We had some anxious groms show up early to feel out the hill and help a bit with setup. Then more and more skaters trickled in. With all the tents set up, the kicker out, and everyone getting in some practice runs, we opened up registration.

Sam by Ricardo

Sam by Ricardo

The numbers kept growing, as it seemed that people from all over the Los Angeles area and beyond had come out to shred this hill.
A decent turnout.

After a little pep talk from Matt and I, the first part of the jam commenced. We decided to run this slide jam differently from your typical jam. I have participated in many jams and have seen the usual: open comp with a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd overall best, sometimes with a separate comp for the groms. That idea is chill and works in most cases, but mostly singles out a select few and doesn’t give equal chances for other skaters to win.

We decided to changed things up a bit. Instead of judging riders based on who is the overall “best”, we decided to have specific contests that could cater to anyone participating. We wanted everyone to enjoy the hill, skate to their full potential, and have a blast.

The 5 contests were: Steeziest Style, Gnarliest Air off the kicker, Longest slide, and 2 mystery contests; best skate face, and best original trick (which weren’t announced until we declared the winners).

Sam by Ricardo

Sam by Ricardo

The open skate lasted for two hours and was filled with everyone shredding. Matt, Kyle, and I were scattered along the hill watching the show and judging the competition.

The numbers kept growing as the hours passed and the open proved to be a sight to see. With about 60 participants, the competition became heated. Judging soon proved difficult as everyone was getting used to the buttery pavement.

Once the open ended, we had a little break. The sun was blazing down and everyone was feeling the heat so rest, water and shade were welcomed. After the nice break, it was time for the longest slide competition. We decided to have it open to stand up or hands down, but with only 2 chances. Everyone killed it as the heat and the pavement allowed some of the biggest slides I’ve ever seen! The road had become covered in thane. Then we gathered up all the contestants and announced the podiums.

The kicker by Ricardo

The kicker by Ricardo

Gnarliest Air went to Louis Pilloni, who was destroying the kicker throughout the day. Big props to Zak Mayall as well for runner- up.

Steeziest Style went to Ethan Cochard, laying down steeze all day long.

Longest slide went to Sam Hay, setting a distance no one could touch… with a broken wrist.

Props to Ethan and Camilo as well for battling it out and busting out huge slides. To Aaron Chatman as well, for beasting it and winning longest hands down slide.

The first mystery contest: Best original Trick, went to Stephen Vaughn. He was busting out rad tricks and blowing our minds all day long. Major props to Austin Eldridge as well for whipping out some sweet moves.

The final mystery contest: Best Skate Face went to Stephen Beckman.
Ethan steeze by Ricardo

Then it was time for the swag tosses. Thanks to all our lovely sponsors, we had a ton of gear to give away! I’m pretty sure that almost everyone left with at least one thing! After all the giveaways and tosses, we were left with a few decks so Matt and Kyle decided to place them throughout the top of the hill and make it a free-for-all. We tried to hide what all was going on but the crowd knew something was up. With first word of the gear grab, everyone sprinted up the hill to get whatever they could before someone else snagged it first. It was a great way to finish things off.

The jam concluded as everyone starting cleaning up and sneaking in some last runs. Everything definitely went great and I’m glad everyone shredded hard and had fun! A huge thank you to Matthew Peckson, Kyle Chin, and all the SFV crew that helped out to make this jam awesome!

Camilo Cespedes by Larry Bruskoff

Camilo Cespedes by Larry Bruskoff

A big thank you to all else who helped out and all the sponsors for sending awesome heapings of swag!

Check out the SFV Longboarding club here:

Rachel ”Bagels” Bruskoff signing out!