Maryhill She Ride 2013 Program of Events


I’m not going. Damn. That’s a bad way to start an article about how you should go to the Maryhill She Ride if you’re a girl and you skateboard, particularly with an interest in going downhill.

But you should.  There’s a grand weekend ahead for many girls on boards.


First off,  on Thursday, the MuirSkate Muircedes took off from So-Cal to make the trek to Glendale, WA to have their own fun with Mary’s Curves post-Festival Of Speed. If you don’t know what that is, don’t worry, Push Culture’s got you covered.

Sara Paulshock, Rachel Bruskoff, Cami Best and Mioche Michelle are headed up the coast to get down some hills, accompanied by some healthy testosterone.

Seems like there’s a crew coming down from Vancouver as well as a bunch of girls flying in from out of state in the US and Canada.

Friday night there is a Ramp Session & BBQ at Daddies’ Board Shop in Portland for any girls trying to get 3D,  practice pumping on a mini ramp, or just grub out and meet the Daddies Crew, starting at 5 at their new shop in Portland.

pre-sheride bbq

Friday night the dynamic duo that is Alicia & Carmen are having a get together with MOAR mini ramp, maybe a couple vices, some yoga hopefully, if Jon Huey is in da house, and I hear there are double decker couches, but it might be a myth.   The PDXDownhill crew is shuttling some ladies to Mary and THEN it begins.

second annual she ride

Dean-O, the free-ride organizer, says to expect lots of runs and lots of warmth, but not as much heat as there was for the Festival of Speed, so I guess that’s good for the weather, as well as setting the stage for a fun day with less pre run jitters than the FOS.

Deano has been working with the local high school and other parties such as governors and movie stars and directors and Jesus and Allah themselves to get a special treat Saturday night for the speed sistas: a showing of the documentary: Signal Hill Speed Run.  Click the link for the trailer if you don’t know what I’m talk about, young grasshopper.

This is an amazing video-summary of the first Maryhill She Ride last year

I’m skipping the second Maryhill SheRide this year because it’s the busiest weekend at my job, something I’ve considered a terrible excuse ever since I was 19 and missed a bunch of awesome things to keep working a shitty job.

But this year is different.

I’ve been on an un-planned two-month road trip around Northern California in search of the next place to call home, “the next adventure” as Ari the Shark would say, and I’ve recently landed in the most beautiful place in America: Lake Tahoe, about a month ago.  Now that statement may or may not be up for an argument, and let’s be real, I probably won’t be here a year from now, but none-the-less I’m here now.

And so is Wanderlust, the Yoga (and hoop) Festival, so I’m staying.


Slamming out seven smoothies per second at my sweet swanky snowbum job at the base of a ski resort ten hours a day , skating through seas of yoga pants and hula hooping for hours to Gramatik and Caravan Palace:  that’s how I’ll be spending my Maryhill She Ride.

Sometimes life is full of tough decisions, like do you go to one awesome event that involves your favorite thing and great company that you’ve been anticipating for a year and  you know will be three awesome days and leave your new boss out to dry when he (or she!) needs you most, or do you embrace a new community of awesome (THREE new communities of awesome) that the universe places well within your reach?

Hard, I know.

Just make sure you get some time in to FLOW, wherever you go.

I’ll be learning hoop tricks from this lady.

Find your True North.



Wanderlusted Daisy



  • Amanda Roden says:

    Hey Daisy, good article. Sorry I won’t see you again this year, but have fun at Wanderlust, Gramatik is the shizz. =)

  • dizzyjane says:

    aww, too bad youre missing out, but that hoola hoop festival sounds awesome! Have fun girly <3