Kozakov report by Spoky Woky

Ahoj !!!

Race at Kozakov was Sick !!! i never been skating there with so perfect conditions for the race ! we had dry weather for quali and for racing , what else ?! almost a full week skating Kozakov like hell !

Racing day was incredible ! they started open runs in the morning to be not late on the afternoon and they took all the final together to give a big show ! I was a bit stressed about crashing , a young guy in the morning crashed really bad into the first corner and went to emergency with helicopter .. That part of the track is the most tricky one because everybody is not doing the same break . Some just let a quick foot break just before the right curve , some are speed checking , some a breacking more and others just air break carve and grip the curve but break a lot for the left corner following. So many things can happen just beofre that curve and if you’re behind at the push you just have to improvised according what the others are doing around you . After this you just have to not screw into corner , take the good lines and tuck your life to the finish line…

Lot of crashes into corner 1

Lot of crashes into corner 1

So Girls race now ! We were 13 girls so we did it in 3 brackets race. I began my first heat , super easy with Maga because some girls were missing … we did a chill run of filming , was funny . Second heat i was with Annemiekje , Maga and Lenna . Anne and me did it to the final , letting czech and australian challenger behind us , then Jolanda and Tamara qualified also for the final.


Girls , born to be ready . Tamara , Jolanda , Annemiekje , Spoky

On the start line girls were ready and quiet , everybody was super focus , we were all wondering how the first corner would look like . At the starter signal we pushed super hard with Annemiekje , i was heading the first straight line with her followed by Jolanda and Tamara. Everything has been fine for me because i was first to break and had free place around me . Anne was sticking to me until left corner but crashed into herbals and the end of her line. I took a large gap after this between me and the other women. When i get through the last corner i saw that the victory was mine i only had to tuck til the finish line .

Girl Final : Spoky , Annemiekje , Jolanda , Tamara

Girl Final : Spoky , Annemiekje , Jolanda , Tamara



For the boyz , Zak Maytum won it followed by Adam Persson , Patrick Switzer and James Kelly.



I was so stoked ! that week of Kozakov was the best i ever had ! riding with awesome girls all along , get some very fast runs , so happy about everything.

Women Podium 1st Spoky , 2nd Jolanda , 3thd Tamara

Women Podium 1st Spoky , 2nd Jolanda , 3thd Tamara

Only the last evening turned really weird , a lot of locos came for the Jagermeister party and they were partied like “no tomorrow” !!! People already so sick out side and it was only midnight , girls getting very wrong , that was totally YOLO .

After the race we went to Prague with Dani . Got some trubbles with my car , hopefully we changed only the battery and now it’s fine. We did a “typical” tourist loop in Prague in the evening with the american delegation , and after few drinks we went back home.

Today bad time for Dani , her knee was really painfull , we get to the hospital to take the blood out from the articulation , but still she has to stay quiet during 3 weeks at least :/ .

Tomorrow we will reach Grim mountain in the evening . Let’s go for another race !!!