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Longboard Girls Crew and LovingSports are thrilled to announce the Spanish screening of Skateistan The Movie, a documentary about Skateistan, the first Afghan-based co-educational skate school founded by Oliver Percovich & Sharna Nolan in 2007. The film follows Skateistan and its founders through the year 2009, documenting their daily struggle to break down social, gender and ethnic barriers between the children of a war-torn country, building not only a skate school but a safe place for kids to get an education, health care habits, civic responsibility, information technology, the arts and languages to over the 2000 registered children.

Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul’ documents life in Afghanistan without preconception or prejudice. The documentary is homage to an amazing aid alternative and, of course, to skateboarding. A look at Kabul in a way that hasn’t been covered by western media, at the austere lives of Afghanistan’s children and the volunteers of Skateistan.

A film by Rene Kock & Nadia Soraya Hennrich, Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul is premiered in Spain by Longboard Girls Crew & LovingSports.




Screening Barcelona:

X-Games Barcelona May 16th at 17.30 in the X Fest scenario

Screening Madrid:

Caixa Forum May 18th at 17.00

Link to the Facebook event here



Longboard Girls Crew wants to encourage and reward peoples’ support to Skateistan by raffling posts for their summer surf & longboard camps in Galicia and Asturias among the viewers.

Please click to support Skateistan and find out how you can help here. For donations please click here


Skateistan The Movie


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    what laws are in place to stop the military takeing it from them also. is there a big picture on the roof explaining if it is a skate spot.

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    great project tho sorry those were my worst fears. remove coment so people dont get bad ideas

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    glass roof