Kim Klunder talkes about the Dutch scene!

So, I’m Kim and I live in Zwolle. That’s in the Netherlands. You know, that small country famous for its tulips and nothing else. About two years ago I joined a friend to this weekly longboard session, organized by the Boardfather, a skateshop in my town. I basically had no experience with longboarding, nor did I even have any idea of the whole concept of it. But I think it’s safe to say that after that first evening, I was hooked. Not only did I enjoy myself so much riding a longboard for the first time, but that first meeting with the local scene felt like such a warm welcome. Everyone motivated me to try their board to discover my own preferences and I got loads of tricks and tips. What a nice bunch of kids indeed! I felt right at home and kept returning every week! Unfortunately I was a very poor bastard at that time so I couldn’t afford my own board yet. I had to save up for a couple of months until finally on September 15th 2011, the mailman delivered my very first deck; a Soma board. I rode that fucker with pride for exactly one year, until it died in the process of making my first video. Funny detail; the day we were gonna shoot the video, my friend parked his car right on top of my board. I forgot I left it on the porch and he didn’t see it when he pulled up. We didn’t even realize it until we had finished our coffee, went looking for my board and eventually looked under the car. Sure gave me a mini heart attack. Luckily enough, it lasted long enough to make the video. The video itself was supposed to be longer, but alas, the second day of filming turned out to be the final straw..

As for the Dutch longboard scene; apart from maybe the fact that our country is too fucking flat to really get engaged in downhill, I don’t think it differs that much from the rest of the world. The crew I hang around with though has a style and mindset that I don’t see around a lot. I’m talking about a dirty, unpolished mix between dancing and raw skateboard tricks, combined with a dash of moderate freeriding. They keep skating the same crappy gear till it literally falls apart, and will throw that varial flip from a 4 feet wall until their bodies do too. They are stubborn, in a way irresponsible and loads of fun to be with, and I’m really glad to be part of the Boardfather family. Especially the recent trips to contests in France and Germany have been super awesome. The team kicked some serious ass in both Berlin and Paris, but more important, we made a lot of friends! And I love how our buddies from Berlin have nicknamed us ‘the Dutch pirates’. Arrr!

kim girls crew

I think the events revolving around dancing have the upper hand in the Netherlands. For example, this year the two-day event ‘Dancing with the Stars’ will celebrate its 6th anniversary and last February ‘So you think you can Longboard dance?’ took place for the first time. Sure, there are loads of other contests and events, involving marathons, sliding, racing, freeriding, cruising, etc, but I’m going out on a limb here by guessing that these events aren’t as big as the previously mentioned ones. Please correct me if I’m wrong!! Further more, as stated before, we’re just a tiny country. Consequently, the scene isn’t superbig either. I like this intimate trait. I could go to any event all by myself, and still have a great time with loads of people I know.

As for the future, I’d like to become more versatile in my skating. When I first took on longboarding, all I really wanted was to jump from walls, because that shit’s scary yo! I wasn’t really interested in different styles like dancing for instance, and it took me a while to discover that it’s actually really fun to do. I still enjoy jumping from walls, but I also think pirouettes are scary as hell! I wouldn’t say that I’m all technical and stuff, but I do like to goof around and do stuff that gets my adrenaline pumping. One thing I’d also like to see is that more girls would not just get on a board, but actually start shredding it. It seems that a lot of girls are satisfied with just riding around, and of course, who am I to judge? I mean, cruising around with friends is fun! But I believe there’s so much more talent out there that’s totally going to waste because some girls don’t realize their full potential. I’m not sure if there is just one obvious cause to these restraints, but either way, this shit has got to go! Anyway, I’m really anxious to make a new video. Since we filmed the footage for Swan lake, 8 months have passed and most of the stuff that I do in the video, well, I can do better now. The weather is improving (for Dutch standards that is..) so hopefully we can start filming again soon!

Spread the stoke and keep shredding!

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