#AsiaTrip part 1

Asia trip…where should I start?

I’m going to try to summarize a 20 day trip…will try my best!



I had Asia in my mind since a saw a video Lennat posted from an amazing skatepark in Malaysia (even she is our  LGC Ambassador in Singapore…). I couldnt believe how big and rippable was!  I would look for videos and Google map it and show it to my entire office!

I hadnt had any holidays yet…bam!…lets make an #AsiaTrip… I contacted Lennat right away. We got so excited thinking about all the plans and places we could visit…I remember emailing Lennat and Juli at crazy hours because of the time difference. They even created a Group on Facebook with all the SG crew just to stay in touch!

Once the jump was made to the Asian continent I was deff not going to stay in one place so…Singapore to visit one of our first ambassadors & the Crew, Malaysia for the skateparks and freeriders and Bali for some nice surfing. Voilà! Perfect trip coming soon!

My idea was to travel solo and meet the different crews wherever I would go to, but last minute my cousin Carolina decided to join, So did Lennat and Juli that would travel with us around Asia.

Tickets printed, boards packed…off we go!

After the long flight and having our bags with us (what a Miracle!) we went to find our hosts…Lennat, Juli and Kellie! It was amazing to have these 3 ladies picking us up..it was actually happenning! (REAL STOKE!)


We went to the hotel and dropped our staff, and of course get changed..you just cant imagine how hot and humid Singapore is!  The plan? There is no plan so we went to Kellies Shop to chill…what happened? We ended up watching longboard videos, playing some music and writing in the windows…(wt

Kellie Shop

From left to right: Lennat , Juli, Kellie, Carolina & me



Singapore is well known for the mixture of  three different cultures: Malay, Chinese and Indian…it gives the city an special vibe…and well us….the Ang mos 红毛 (White people) Time to eat some real Indian!


 After that we couldnt but visit the local longboardshop…The name says it all. The longboard LOVE shop  Gary and the guys welcomed us very nicely, we talked about so many things…,brands, videos, decks… (check out Garys music video with Landyatz 😉 ) Going to a skateshop always makes you feel at home, same stuff just different location! We met Wanna (official self-fish eyed portraits photographer!) and his fiancé Muhamed Azmil!


with Gary

 Gary & The Crew


Back to the hotel. Best way to know a city? Cruising. Ready, steady go! And afterwards…to an unknown but A-MA-ZING stakepark: East Coast Park where we met Abby (a little multicoloured hair DH Machine).Let the good times roll!

ready     Cruising

First of all the MASSIVE bowl, that says “proffessional skating Orly” right. Scary as hell…that vertical? That vertical could kill you! Of course I dindt drop in, but had to try it, so went inside…cheating…wohooo!


ecp  ecp2











     bowl bw

We didnt stop skating until 4am,  following Juli’s and Kellie’s lines…YEAAAAHHHH! Higher and higher! simply phenomenal!

I was quite amazed by how many kids would stay at the park at 2-3 am….and then spend the night over there because the school bus would pick them up there next morning…o.O

Swear I had never sweated SO much in my entire life…literally soaking wet! The only way to finish the night…tea latte after THE sesh.

The upcoming days we walked and skated around SG and went to visit Abbie at Shots to meet some more girls that would join us again in Bali: Dyn and Aisha.

Chinatown, The river, skyscrappers, Marina Bay, Mustafa Center, Little India, the Subway, Tea Latte, hooka bars, ECP, 7/11,Beaches, wavehouse, walking, cruising, Red Bull Flugtag in Sentosa, Beach clubs, night cruisings, enormus bowls, crazy drivers, chilling…


Flug Tag  wave house











food club

What a great visit and what an amazing crew <3 LGC Singapore.


Don’t forget to check out CRUISE CONTROL. Shot & editted by Syamly La Wei

The Longboard Girls Crew Singapore skate trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and having fun at Putrajaya Challenge Park. 15 girls , 3 days and an awesome day with the Longboard Freeriders Malaysia session. This is their story!

cruise control



Time to pack again and take off to the neighbour country…Malaysia! Bye Bye Singapore!

juli packing