Welcome LGC USA!

Possala WangHey LGC! My name is Possala Wang and I grew up in Georgia. I’m really excited to become a Longboard Girls Crew U.S.A. Ambassador because I’ve actually always admired what LGC has been doing and really wanted to be a part of it for a long while.I remember a few months after I started skating, I saw Endless Roads and couldn’t help but notice all the fun the girls had while skating and hanging out together. Although I love all my skater guy friends and I have no problem hanging out with them, I’ve always missed the company of another chick skater. I can’t explain the reason why, I just do.  I was pretty set on increasing the lady skater participation in the sport since then.

When Jacky messaged me one terrible Monday morning about becoming one of the USA ambassadors, my gloomy day did a 180. The feelings I had experienced at that moment was a mix of excitement, honor, happiness, and a huuuge ‘no way’! I wasn’t sure if it was THE Jacky Madenfrost from LGC contacting insignificant little me. After I immediately replied yes, I did a quick little Facebook background check and confirmed it, it really is her. It was really hard for me to believe she picked me but the feeling slowly settled in and at that moment, I could not be any more proud. I can only thank my friends and people I look up to who have been there with me since the beginning: Chadd Hall, Taylor Martin, Jathan Johnston, Robbie Trotta, the guy who taught me how to skate Mason McNa(st)y, Laura Hatwell for supporting me and somehow gave me that strong push forward, Georgia Neal Hall for the advice and opportunities, and Alex Mendez, my beloved boyfriend for everything and beyond. I also want to thank Aldrian for the sponsorship with Jati Boards, I wasn’t really expecting it, Fear to Faith Clothing for all the love they give me, Action Board Sports, Metro Wheel Co., Riptide Sports, and the sweet support from Shralper’s Union and Tiger Skate Designs. There are many of you in my life who’ve influenced me and it’s impossible to name all of you.

I, along with Daisy Johannes & Amanda Powell, the other USA Ambassadors, would love for all the USA girls to submit themselves or their female friends going hard, having fun, and enjoying themselves with longboarding to Please include the name of the riders, who took the picture, and the location of the picture. We are also starting with a fresh, new page to keep everyone up to date and to keep the skate stoke strong among the ladies. We’ve noticed skate clinics for girls and other skate events that include female categories and it really stokes me out how the longboarding community is also supporting ladies to come out and skate. I encourage the ladies to go out to these events if you’re already not doing so. The amount of fun skating with everyone is immeasurable! Also if you’re hosting an event that supports lady shredders, please let us know and keep us updated. More will be added as we progress.



Thank you so much! Skate for the love, love for the skate. Smiles!


Possala Wang



Possala Wang







  • Cathy says:

    What! This is so awesome! Congrats, Possala, on becoming an ambassador for the USA crew! I, too, am from Georgia, and I, too, am Asian! Haha. You’re an inspiration. Hope to hear more from you!

  • Jessica says:

    Congrats! I hail from your friend downstate, Florida, and as the only female of all my skater friends, I know how exactly how you felt!

    I’ll be entering College next year, and I’ve made it my goal to start a Longboard Crew on campus by the middle of my freshman year. As we all know, Longboarding is expanding on a crazy scale, and bringing skaters together is a huge, important aspect of it all!

    I’ll make sure to keep in touch with you and the other USA ambassadors about skate events and such. Until then, skate on!

  • Lydia says:

    Congratulations Possala! Longboard Girls Crew rocks! I was in Ithica 4/27/13 and had the opportunity to meet you. You are an inspiration to other girls as well as the rest of the girls from Longboard Girls Crew. Keep up the great work. My daugther Tatiana looks after all of you. I have pictures to share. Email me and I will send them your way. Ithica’s event was a blast! Loved it, specially when I saw the girls going downhill!!!