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Top 5 Longboard Videos of the week (17/3/13)

Downhill, freeride, freestyle…a little bit of everything but foremost tons of enjoyment, that’s all about!

Lets get started with RAD wheels edgy video. Stunning stand-ups, sweeping up the Arizona dessert.

To continue with Perropro last video. Seem like K-Rimes and Byron Essert paid a visit to Greener Pastures set during the Offshore shooting.

Landy Team also show us their version of how they lived the Puerto Rican experience.

Definitively this is the week of the Spanish longboarding film-makers. Marta Guillen short edit with our dearest friends Eider and Cristina.

And to end with, the Art of Life. Tibs and Oleev visit us during their aventure. Skate, Surf and good vibes.

Post by Chus Asensio