Our new LGC t-shirts rock!

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Is it us or our new LGC t-shirts are the hit of the season? 😉

Some months ago we asked our good friend Daisy Johannes if she could come up with a good quote for our new t-shirts. Within an hour we had this quote that made us crack up for some days. We asked our graphic designer friend Alvaro Yuste to design a vintage graphic and voilà! Brand-new Longboard Girls Crew t-shirts that make a statement!

You can finally pre-order one (or many) of them on Sickboards, girls t-shirts here and boys t-shirts here.

You’ve got 10 days to pre-order with a special launching prize: 16€ each + shipping and they will be delivered in 3 weeks time.

Available sizes: Women L & XL (they run small) Men S, M, L & XL.

Choose you color and make a statement!

To see more of Alvaro Yuste’s awesome work click here

Pedro baja

Men XL Navy & Green. Will drive the ladies crazy! Pic Noelia Otegui.


Val baja

Women XL Purple & Yellow. Watch out boys! Pic Noelia Otegui.


Javi baja

Men M Light Blue & Grey. Looking so sexy it hurts. Pic Noelia Otegui.


Itzi baja

Women L Light Turquoise & Green. Irresistible! Pic Noelia Otegui.


otro slider LGC baja

Longboard & friends means good times. Pic Noelia Otegui.


In case anyone noticed, we’re making fun of ourselves 🙂

Thanks for the amazing photos Noelia Otegui!



  • Jessica says:

    Is there any way we can purchase these over in the United States? I was interested in buying LGC stickers too, so I can, you know, represent! Please let me know. I can’t wait to show my support!

  • Mónica says:

    Hey Jessica!

    When you purchase the t-shirts on Sickboards you will also get a couple of stickers as a present. Sickboard is able to ship to the States. Thanks for showing your support!

  • Romina says:


    do you have shipping to Chile? i really want it 🙂

    • Mónica says:

      Hola @Romina. Sickboards puede enviar a cualquier parte del mundo. Lamentablemente el precio se incrementará con el envío, pero no podemos hacer nada al respecto :(. Recibirás unos cuantos stickers también. Muchos saludos.