Daniela in search of the spanish stoke

Daniela's backside

I came to Cádiz in September 2012 with my amor Jonas, both to study some months abroad (nah, just kidding, mostly to avoid the ugly german winter! ). After seeing all the awesome spanish skate-video-productions I was so excited to dive into this scene! I saw videos and pictures of the “La Loma” longboard event in Cádiz and was very impressed, I guessed there had to be a lot of very good skaters over there. And of course I knew that some of the best female skaters are from spain, so I really looked forward to boogie with them!

But after my arrival my first thoughts were: Que carajo! They have the crappiest streets on earth…where the heck do people skate here?“ and after staying in the town for some days, skating up and down the seafront I wondered “Where do all the longboarderos hide and ride? And…there are absolutely no hills!”

So the search began. Jonas and me mostly walked around the town, looking for skateshops to ask the people there, whether there were some muchachos to skate with around. The shops we found in the city center were not much of a helping hand, they said there were few longboarderos around town, not much of a scene, and that the next spot to go down a small hill was a 30min bus ride away. And to go to the famous “Loma” you had to go by car. Mierda.

Every time I heard the familiar “ratatatat” of wheels on the streets I turned around, full of hope, just to find out it was a guy with a suitcase or a little niño on his skateboard. I thought “Caramba, still no longboarderos around, they seem to be a very shy race…”

Daniela SchukallaMeanwhile university started and I got to know Ainhoa, which turned out to become my best friend in Cádiz. We started talking the first day of class and somehow we got to talk about longboarding. She told me that she had always been fascinated by this sport. Luckily I brought my two longboards to Spain, so that I could lend one to her. After a little time being frightened and embarrassed by the people walking by, I gave her my hand and tried to make her feel more confident. After her first session Ainhoa was so stoked and the following times we met she couldn’t stop talking about which board to buy and where and when to skate. She did muy bien progress and finally got her first own board. Me gusta.

While we were looking for Ainhoa’s board in November we found a nice skateshop at the new part of the town called “Ola”. The owner Xuxo was a very nice chiquillo and gave Ainhoa good recommendations which board to achieve (at first she wanted to buy herself a pintail, I’m glad we talked her out of it!) We stayed in the shop talking to Xuxo for hours, he invited me to a facebook group, where the longboarderos of Cádiz seemed to be hiding. Thanks to Xuxo I later got to know my longboard family, some of the best amigos I ever had!

Longboard Cádiz

When I came home that night I immediately wrote an entry into the facebook group, asking who wanted to skate conmigo. Unfortunately it was raining the next days, but a guy named Sebastian told me about a big white tent with good even floor in it in the new part of the town. I went there later that day, all excited, and there they where: Longboarderos! At first I met Tete and Sebastian, called “Chano”. We skated around a little bit and I immediately noticed their great skating-skills. Jonas joined us later, so did more Spanish guys. We started to play S.K.A.T.E (I must admit that I lost, but hey, it was a lot of fun though! 😉 ), but after a while we talked so much we forgot about the game. The following days and weeks we started to meet up on the regular. We even made it to La Loma in Ainhoa’s car, a really muy bonito spot, with no people and cars in wintertime and great seaviews, just magical! And we also found out, that it was best to skate the Cádiz city at noche! In the city center the pavements are very even and when there are no people around, longboarderos have their freedom!

One day we met up on a big blue square place at the seaside with Chano, Jhonathan, Fran(z), Tete and Ainhoa…from there on we nearly met daily, mostly for skating on the plaza Mina in the center of the town (great spot for freestyling!), sometimes we just sat around talking und eating. We also skated next to the big old cathedral and went “downhil” the small hill leading to the playa Sta. Maria! I couldn’t really get used to the pavement, but Franz and Chano were ripping hard!

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 7.08.44 PM

The last two months in Cádiz where the greatest: mucho surfing, mucho skating, mucho love. The guys helped me so much, they supported me a lot, showing me how to hippiejump (sometimes it works, but sometimes my brain just goes eeeeh macarena and I don’t make it ^^), how to ride in a bowl, how to jump down stairs and lots of tricks! They even encouraged me to do my first skate clip called “Cádiz Skatedays” …and then not to forget our fiestas, I better not tell to much, but they where legen…Those few months were really the time of my life and now that I am back in Germany I still feel the warmth of the spanish sun and thinking about my Longfamily back there just paints a big smile all over my face! I will never forget those happy days and, aro pishas, I promise I will come back!

– Daniela Schukalla –