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In 2008 Chihiro Uchida aka. Chihirock from Tokyo, Japan had been competing in park and street skating for a while. But because of the lack of girls in the skating scene Chihirock decided to dedicate her time to film, take photos and organize skate events for girls in Japan.

With help from good friends, and a strong mind and attitude towards getting  change in the sport of skateboarding, the Colorful Project was founded.

Colorful Project founder Chihirock ripping at the Miyashita Park  in central Tokyo.

Colorful Project founder Chihirock ripping at the Miyashita Park in central Tokyo.

After getting familiar with these girls through the epic videos on Youtube and work they put into showing the growing skills of Japanese riding, Ayumi Oride and I decided to hit them up and see if the legendary group of colorful girls would be up for a jam. Shortly the good vibes came with a stoked respond, a meeting at the well known Mityashita park also known as Shibuya Nike park in the central Tokyo was set for the upcoming weekend, coincidently also Halloween.

Charging our batteries and making sure to capture some of the action that was lined up Ayumi and I headed to the park. Well there, we got introduced to definitely the most smiling crew of skaters I’ve ever seen at a skate park. The vibes were ticklish and exiting.  And after a short introduction of us the girls started popping and hopping all over the place. The energy and creativity just took over the whole park and what ever guys that might have been around totally faded into to the background. The Colorful girls were in action, and what Ayumi and I got to experience was mind blowing. None of us could stop smiling.


think stubbornness is one of the greatest and most sexy features that skater all over the world share. The precision perfect eye for details, which the Japanese are so known for, was shown in how these girls master their tricks.  And if they didn’t land what the were intended to do, they wouldn’t stop until it was perfect. A true joy to watch!

Make sure to follow chihirock917 on Youtube for more rad Colorful shredding!


After a rad couple of hours in the park, the ladies showed us to a near by restaurant where we sat down to munch on some dank Japanese treats.

The all so very known question, “how did you get into skateboarding?” was brought to the table table and some interesting stories followed.

One of the girls told us how a heartbreak from an old love got her so down that she found it hard to break through the sadness, one of her buddies got her out pushing on a board one day and she realized pretty soon how her feelings turned positive after that.   

Many of them had backgrounds from snowboarding and found skateboarding during the off-season, the technique and balance was already there.  And during snow season they’ll head up to shred some PowWow at surrounding mountains nearby.


Before saying good-bye Ayumi and I invited the girls to a long board clinic we were going to hold the following weekend at the perfect spot, where no cars or sketchy shit would intrude our session. We had enough gear for all of them to try, the girls got stoked and promised to be there.



A week had passed when we all met up at the skate spot more known as “Paradise” just 30 minutes outside of central Tokyo. They all showed up and brought their smiles with them! The girls picked up sliding pretty fast, and once again I got to experience the Japanese perfection and stubbornness. So much fun!



We had an amazing day in the sun, and the girls got to taste the flavor of a longer board, and they seemed to love it! 

I’m just so happy to have met these ladies, to share experience and love. We all skate for the same reason in the end, the same reason that will ease heartache, make our confidence stronger and unite us as a family.

The colorful project is an Amazing group of girls that stick together and express their fierceness and talent in such a rad and vibrant way. I’m so fortuned to have met them and to be able to spread the stoke about them!

Thank you so much!


Much Love!!