So you think you can longboard Dance?

So you think you can Longboard Dance? organized by Spots and Locals and Flow Provider  is the initiative of passionate and positive people who found ways to collaborate and came up with a good reason to unite riders of different ages, nationalities and styles for the sake of fun and promo of the scene.

The event is taking place in a cool concert hall in the city of Eindhoven (NL), so participants and public will spend the day warm and dry while watching great dancers  compete.

Eindhoven is close by to the Belgium border, and  this event aims to bring Belgium riders who hardly ever have the chance to interact with the Dutch and spend a fun  longboard day together.

But the fun is not just for them, according to Spots and Locals, there will be people coming from Germany, France, Bulgaria and even Sam Holding, Original skateboards team rider from London,will also join them.
Making the event even more appealing, it will be be organized by country teams. The country with most winners in the top 3 places will win  and of course also individual winners will be cheered.

Catergories: Dancing, Best Trick, Hippyjump and Nosemanny.

The event is sponsored by Sick,  Simple Longboards, Loaded and DTC. This time also LGC is gonna help with some goodies for the female categories.

Girl’s participation is more than welcome, so come on and let’s show girls can Longboard Dance!

Date: 17/02/13

Starts at 13.00 hrs.

Participating and entrance is free.

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