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Natural Log Skateboards

Recently we met Thomas Brierdon  in Madrid, one of the co-founders of  Natural Log Skateboards and we decided to share with you guys the passion and dedication that exist behind this young brand.

Natural Log Skateboards started as a hobby, but quickly turned into something much more. The idea to make skateboards came to us when we couldn’t find a skateboard that met our standards. We wanted a sustainable skateboard that was high performance, hand crafted locally in California, and classically designed after the vintage skateboards of the 1970’s. Faced with the challenge of being unable to find a board we liked, our solution was to make our own.

I co-founded the company with my roommate from college, Eirik Nordgaard.

Natural Log Skateboards are individually handcrafted in San Diego, California by craftsmen who are passionate about skateboarding. We strive to create sustainable, high-performance skateboards with major emphases on quality, aesthetics, and classic designs that highlight the natural beauty of the wood.

All of our boards utilize vertical grained bamboo for beauty and strength. Depending on which model, the bamboo is then paired with either tri-axial fiberglass, hard rock maple, or antique oak reclaimed from barns dating back to the early 1800’s. We use a bio-based epoxy resin from Entropy Resins in our lamination process. The epoxy is derived from tree sap, and has surpassed our standards in both strength and performance.

Natural Log Skateboards – Kickstarter Project from Natural Log Skateboards on Vimeo.


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