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Help Morro Bay Skateboarding Museum

The Morro Bay Skateboard Museum opened in July of 2012 is currently leading a Crowd-funding campaign  to help them keep providing a place where the public can learn about skateboarding history and culture.

The museum’s visitors include older skaters who enjoy the opportunity to re-visit and share their skateboarding days with family and friends. The Museum also provides an educational experience for younger skaters who are unfamiliar with skateboarding’s long and colorful history.

The museum is staffed on a volunteer basis by director Jack Smith, his wife Cathy and local skateboarding enthusiasts.

Their goal with this fund raising effort is to raise enough money to pay 2013’s rent in advance.  Due to the cyclical nature of tourism, the museum has fewer visitors during the winter months making it difficult to meet expenses, such as rent, utilities and insurance. Any funds raised will be applied directly to the museum’s rent. Having the rent paid will allow them to expand the museum’s collection of historical skateboarding memorabilia and to offer new and exciting exhibits.

If you are unable to contribute financially help  get the word out by making some noise about the campaign. Email your friends and/or post the link to the campaign on your FaceBook, Twitter or Instagram pages.


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