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Although this documentary film it’s been sometime out there, we felt that it was interesting to share with the community something that although very local, anyone out-there could relate to.

Diggin is a documentary film about the excavation efforts to rescue the first ever skatepark built in Spain. The skatepark located in Arenys de Munt in Barcelona, built in the late 70s, was partially buried and demolished.  In 2010 a group of local skaters, new and old school  riders, left the area again rubble free. They started a great feat that only a group with a gigantic spirit could have ever done.

In this documentary filmed and edited by filmmaker Henry Mayor, we have the pleasure to see one of the first female skaters,  Àngels Borrell. When many of us weren’t even born, and skating for women was far from being normal, this woman was skating bowls with a lot of style.

This was an initiative promoted by Catalan rider  JM Roura with the support of Nike Sb. Watching these images you cannot help but remember the mythical “Del Mar Skate Ranch” which was located in Del Mar- California, that disappeared and later turned into golf court.

Skatepark Arenys de Munt is our “Del Mar Skate Ranch” , is our skating cradle and our beginnings.


Article written by Eva Córnago (Logroño Longboard Crew)