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“HDH Longboard Magazine”


Ishtar Bäcklund


Starting at the South American tour in 2011 these two have been lurking hard at many of the downhill events ever since.
They’ve managed to cover many big happenings in the longboard scene, capturing the riders unique and stylish skills with their colorful and inspiring photography.
Now Manuela Perez Blanco and Solcia Bustos put their innovative and artistic minds to create “HDH Longboard Magazine”.

HDH is a high resolution online magazine translated in both English and Spanish, giving a bigger and broader audience the opportunity to read and follow the adventures of the Longboard scene.
Together with riders, event organizers and brands these two brave girls are building up a platform where all of the stoke, knowledge and hype can get covered in high resolution design.

It’s a fairly new production getting started, building and finding their place in the growing world of skateboarding. The curiosity about this magazine and the women entering into this man dominated sport awakens some interesting questions…

Hi Manuela! Super excited to get to know more about you and your work behind the HDH Longboard Magazine.
To start with, what does HDH stand for?

Hdh is the name of our team in Cordoba, Argentina, city where we came across with longboarding. They started skating 3 years ago. When the idea of the name came up we wanted to create the magazine with the same name, our inspiration. It stands for “hace downhillea“ which is a local expression to go skate, go have fun go to the road and make it happen, just skateboard dh.

Who are the people behind HDH Magazine?

Mainly Solcia (Editor) and me (Photo & Art). But we have a lot of friends from everywhere supporting us and helping us a lot.

Do you girls skate?

Haha, That’s a funny question!… i don’t skate… maybe i can go around pushing… Solcia does!… She is crazy about it!.. that’s why she got in this project… she loves going to bomb some hills , nature, friends, new places.

First time I meet you, you were lurking around taking pictures at the South American IGSA tour in 2011. Tell me how and what made you join the tour?

I was about to finish my career on graphic design and I had to come up with the idea for my thesis project. Thats when I realized I had way too many pictures of my friends skating and I should go and do something about it. I decided to go and get nice material in the South American tour, after that moment a few friends got together to create HDH magazine.

What’s the main reason for HDH, what goals are you aiming for to accomplish with this magazine?

We are creating a Downhill Skateboard Magazine in 2 languages, Spanish and English. As we are from South America, we know that there’s a lot of people who can find magazines, but no completely understand them. We want to cover as much events we can. Showing these events with high quality of photography and graphic design. Tell about the people from South America, what’s going on around and viceversa. Its an open magazine, do you have something you’d like to share?…

Always! 🙂

How much time are you girls putting into making this happen?

Full time. We wake up to make this happen. From the start of the year we start covering events (Summer season in Canada, South American tour). We get in contact with the people we want to get involved. Organisers of the events, riders, brands, all this take time. There is a lot of people who contribute, writing, translating..

How do you make it all go around, who is helping you guys out financing all of this?

We both! We cover 3 international Tours since this start without advertising or nothing. The Longboarding world is big, we want to get in, but we know we have to show how serious we are! We are patient.

Amazing, Huge creds to you girls!

Can you reveal what the next issue is going to be about and when its coming out?

We are publishing the 2nd issue on january 14th 2013. The main topics are the competitions and events during the Canadian summer season. Such as, Danger Bay, Britannia Classic, Skylands, Whistler, Giants Head and Calgary. This issue will also cover competitions in South America, the She Ride at Maryhill and Ishtar’s Art. We’re going BIG this time!

Excited as hell to see and read all of this!

Has taking part in the skateboarding world inspired or changed your view and perspective of photography in any way, and in the case how?

I’ve loved photography since I started taking pictures with my film camera. When I started doing this, I used to take pictures of anything I came across with. My cat Lima was my favourite supermodel.
But downhill photography changed my life. It made me want to be better and better and better! I wanted to learn specifically how to take the best picture, from the best angle with the best light and do It in “the moment”. I want to do everything I can to improve the quality of my pictures so I learned about the sport, riders, brands and recognized the perfect moment for a good shot. Longboarding came with a change in my life, i want to learn explicitly what I can do to make my longboarding photos better. Focus my learning in skateboarding shooting.

What is it that drives you, to invest so much into this magazine and travel around attending every race and event, even though you don’t skate much your self?

Cause I know that I can do what I love to do and do it in a family. It’s crazy how many people open their houses to us . Travel, take pictures and graphic design is what I love to do. Its just awesome ,this awesome mix of everything that we love to do!

You’re stoked, I know the feeling 🙂

Alright any last words?

I just can say thanks! To all the people that are helping us! We promise the best of us.. to show the best of you!

Well folks, there you have it.
The true soul and purpose behind HDH Magazine and the work that Manuela and Solcia put into making this happen. True passion, and stoke resulting not only in a dope magazine for us to enjoy, but also work that’s turning these amazing women into professional’s in the field they love. Making us look like fly Kings speeding down these hills!

So stoked for both of you and the best of luck to HDH Magazine!
And as Manuela said;

“I know that I can do what I love to do and do it in a family.”

Much Love
Ishtar Bäcklund

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  • Neil Garcia says:

    Downhill longboard is the type of longboard that is usually chosen by professionals, those who would love to cruise through hills and even flatlands. This type of longboard is usually very fast and it can be too fast for some people who are just beginners.

  • Neil Garcia says:

    Downhill longboard is the type of longboard that is usually chosen by professionals, those who would love to cruise through hills and even flatlands. This type of longboard is usually very fast and it can be too fast for some people who are just beginners.