Longboard Girls Helsinki – Northern Flats

The Northern Flats film was mainly shot in the capital region of Helsinki and the first and foremost purpose was to present girls’ longboarding and Helsinki’s rich street culture and great locations – not really the traditional downhill bombing. The premiere of the short film (8 min.) was on Friday August 3rd in the upstairs lobby of Bio Rex at Lasipalatsi, as part of the Lasipalatsi Fashion Film Festival’s Bright Young Things -series. Fashion Film Festival is part of the World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 -year.
Longboard Girls Helsinki is an open and unaffiliated group of female longboarders, whose short film Northern Flats, was filmed in the capital region of Helsinki, is the first of its kind. The film is a cheerful declaration of girls’ longboarding and brings out the most fabulous scenery and – as mentioned before – rich street culture of Helsinki.
We’re hungry for more. Northern Flats got such a good reviews that we immediately started on a follow up project, aiming at a premiere in the autumn of 2013.
If the length of the movie increases, so does the working crew. Both professionals and amateurs are joining us. The girls are once again in the leading roles, but the plot of the movie won’t be revealed until the premiere.
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Northern Flats