International Downhill Federation (IDF)

“We are proud to announce you the birth of the IDF : International Downhill Federation.
This organisation is a non profit, democratic and riders orientated structure.
Its Board is composed of the following people :

Cyrille Harnay aka koma kino (organizer of Peyragudes Deluxe Cup and former European IGSA Director)

Norman Kinnish (organizer of Eastbourne Speed Days and former IGSA Race Director)

Gregory Martin (2004 streetluge World Champion and organizer of Wunderbarr race and Koffee Schnaps race)

Kevin Reimer : not to be presented !:)

Lee Cation (organizer of Whistler Festival and Brittania Classic)

Haggy Strom.(ASRA president, organizer of Newton’s playground race and Mount Kiera race))

the following races will be under the IDF banner :
Whistler Festival
Brittania Classic
Newton’s Playground
Mount Kiera
Peyragudes Deluxe Cup
Bo Peep Crash and Burn

More races are under negotiation !…
Stay tuned, 2013 will be a fantastic season…more infos, website, rules will come later…..only good things, driven by good willing and experienced people.”