The end of the world tour 2012

3 months ago we were having a Bbq at our mates place in Lima, checking some maps (google maps) of the most amazing roads in the middle of the Andes. In 5 minutes we found like 5 different giant roads. Pablo (Chaman Longboards) said I’ll pay for your tickets…Rob, Ishti Marisa and me got a massive smile in our face…
A month later we were packing our H1 van ready to pick Jose Cortez and Christian Salmon. We got on the highway to the south and head to our End of the World skate tour. It took us 24 hours of driving, skating, and stopping to arrive in to the old capital of the Incas: Cusco, Peru.
Our first day we went for skate around town, which was packed. Later we got comfortable in our free room at Kokopelli and start setting up our DH boards for the next day.
What happened on the next 5 days could be summarized as the search for the most epic roads  we ever seen before. From beautiful green mountains to mystical non ending winding steep roads. With a fantastic crew, mystical land, breathless views, high altitude, steep roads, more than 100 hairpins and the aim for having the time of our life, our skate trip became a fantastic story to share with all of you in 6 different episodes.
Have fun watching, skate everyday, do epic shit and discover your own country…. we did it and it was RAD!

Thanks to Hopkin Racing, Chaman, Rayne, Riptide, B-team, Nuqa , Kokopelli , Kahalani and Grind Magazine for contributing on our aim for skate the world.

Maga McWhinnie.
Sydney, Australia
EP1 – SunRise

EP2 – The Sacred Valley of the Incas

EP3 – Abra Malaga

EP4 – Las Chicas de Aventura

EP5 – Roads to Ruins.

EP6 – Nazca Lines

Blazing Nazca Lines from Rob McWhinnie on Vimeo.