Interview with Sonso Masiá


A few months ago All Around Skate had a little chat with Sonso Masiá. Find out more about this lovely spanish rider!


Hello, what’s your name ?

Hola! My full name is Sonsoles Masiá Sánchez, my brothers call me ‘MONSTER TRUCKS‘

Hola Sonsoles, where are you from?

I am from Spain, I was born in Madrid and I grew up in Avila. I’m still growing up in Madrid, my hometown.

Nice. Maybe that explains why you look familiar! Have you been in any videos ?

Well, not in many, the first video was Carving the Mountains, I was fortunate to be in one of Juan Rayos’ videos and videos with friends such as Sliding Down Avantos ’

It looked like you girls had a lot of fun

Yeah, it’s so nice to have a big community of girls here in Madrid

You’re the one in the video with the ”bacon” on your shoulder!

Yes! That one, the FILETE on my shoulder!

We like your style !

Thanks! I like you Gbemi!

So what have you been working on since we saw you in carving the mountains ?

Skating harder, playing with more speed and downhill

Do you race or are you more into free ride?

Not many girls here freeride, for the moment I go downhill with boys, you learn a lot going down the hill with them. In Spain there are not many girls for female categories (in competitions) and I didn’t have the opportunity to go abroad to a BIG competition with more girls… freeriding is more relaxed…


Who is your biggest skating influence?

*thinks* my biggest skating influence – watching the girls from the IGSA and the other girls in Spain… also the guys who I’ve been skating since I started riding one year ago: they are my teachers – Cesar, Rafa, Espartaco, Luis, Tyler, Marcos costa, Sergio sebastia. I have a lot to learn and I’m like a sponge.

PATRICK SWITZER! I love Patrick Switzer. He is THE ONE.

You’ve only been riding for a year?

Yes, I bought my first board in November of 2010. It was a cheap pintail, I got it on a whim but then, it changed my life. Now longboarding is everything to me, it is an essential part of me. It brings me happiness

So what are you excited about right now in Longboarding ?


Tell us about some things you’re working on !

Right now I just skate. I want to improve and learn and go to the Euro leg of the IGSA next year, I want to meet other riders like me and of course learn from the BIG ones. I also help to organize events as Madrid Longboard crew Admin, and part of Longboard Europe and the Longboard Girls Crew.

That’s a lot on your plate ! Any news from any of the aforementioned organizations? What can we expect in the next few months

At the moment I have to study a lot for university, and sometimes I am a bit disconnected, I don’t know right now

So what do you do when you’re not bombing hills ?

I’m studying fine arts and architecture, so hard. My mother says – ‘’As if two careers aren’t enough, you can still ‘waste time’ playing with your skate-toy ”!

So your mom doesn’t approve?

She would prefer me to be safe at home, but anyway she is so nice, some days she comes downhill with me and takes us up with the car all morning, then Spanish omelette for lunch made by her. She can’t stop me from doing DH so she tries to make it more secure for me, she helps me to buy a helmet if I need a new one. And my dad! He is the best sponsor ever!

Who else sponsors you ?

I’m riding with Arbor! DAKTAK Shop in Madrid and also with RIDERSFLY. I am very grateful for all the help they give me, they are really nice people and also awesome riders that teach me a lot! I love them!

What is/Who are Ridersfly ?

Ridersfly is a Spanish longboard company, specialized in Downhill material and beginners boards. In short, they are a nice team of great riders that skates and create boards for riders.

Awesome stuff. That’s what we like to hear. It’s been really great getting to get to know you.
3 very quick questions left: cookies or cake ?


Regular or goofy ?

Regular, regularly regular

Would you rather be a penguin stuck in a lion body or a lion stuck in a penguin’s body

Oh! I’m already a lion stuck in a penguin’s body







Interview by Gbemi