Interview with Lily Parla


Name: Lily Parla

Age: 15 years young, in tenth grade

Country/Town: Brookline Massachusetts, right outside of Boston. USA

I got my first longboard about 2 years ago for my 14th birthday it was a Sector nine cruiser. I got a downhill deck last may then in september I started freeriding. I longboard every day after school for an hour then in my garage for an hour later at night and on weekends I spend about 4-5 hours a day longboarding.


how’s the longboard scene where you live?:

Not too great I ride alone most of the time but every once in a while I get to meet up with friends from a few towns over and we skate. My friend Alec who ride for loaded just came over to ride last weekend.

Favourite spot?

A hill next to my house. Its a long hill with a long flat part at the bottom, and its a dead end so no cars ever come down it.


  • Original freeride 38 bear trucks and Orangatang 80a Baluts
  • Original Apex 40 bear trucks and Orangatang 83a fat frees.



For more videos check Lily’s youtube Channel HERE