Girls’ Meet Zaragoza 2012

Poster by Oscar Carrasco

This past weekend 23-25 March was one of the best weekends we can remember of  our Longboarding  history.

More than 50 girls from across Spain gathered in Zaragoza for the first Girls’ Meet, an event hosted by Longboard Girls Crew and Longboard Zaragoza.

It was an epic weekend full of skating activities where we had the opportunity to meet with our mates who live in distant cities, introduce new members to the crew and of course, finally shred together.

The weekend started on Friday, we stayed in Camping Ciudad de Zaragoza, we rented 15 bungalows, 5  pitches zones and as if it were a pilgrimage to the longboard Meca, the  girls  geared up with their boards, helmets and bags started to arrive gradually, we could already feel the GNAR in the air.

Saturday morning we woke up really early despite of last night’s exhaustion as most of us stayed skating, chatting and catching up till late. Everybody was so stoked, we were heading to skating paradise  LA MUELA , it was waiting for us one of the best Freeride yet organized in Spain. Longboard Zaragoza Crew spent literally weeks preparing what it was the highlight of the weekend:  A 1.5  km road for downhill/freeride, 10 hair pins for more experimented (or with more cojones)  riders and a perfect  1.2km light slope for slalom, hippy jumps, carving, dancing, etc.  If it weren’t for their organization and hard work nothing of this could be possible.  LBZ did everything to make us feel at home, the freeride was perfectly coordinated by volunteers, the bends were all safe protected, the lift worked smoothly and the signups went very fast and civil.

At “ La Muela”  we were 115 participants, and it was the first time girls weren’t a minority. We spent 7 hours skating, enjoying good music and chilling. Once again thanks to the great organizations and the efficient lift, there were people who went downhill more than 10 times.  Was fun also to see and help locals joining us this day and trying out longboarding for the first time.

At dusk we headed back to the camping  where it was waiting for us a delicious BBQ hosted by our particular Swedish cheff and visitor Jesper Fröberg from longboard Sweden and Longboard Europe.  With our bellies filled,  of course, we partyed Spanish way with the great Tea – Party Djs: Lorea and Eva 2 of our girls who made everybody dance, even the stiffer ones,  till the bar closed and had to kick us out.

Picture by Juan Rayos

On our last day, Sunday, despite of the “hang-over” and soared muscles, we packed our stuff left the camping behind and went for the Expo Area, a big esplanade in downtown Zaragoza where we had some time to skate share our impressions about yesterday’s freeride and hand over all the prizes, nobody left with empty hands.

We are still stoked for how all this weekend end up being, we met up with awesome people and we came back filled with good vibes and lots of unforgettable moments.  Definitely  when you  have so much fun surrounded with friends and people with whom you share your passions with, time passes by fast. This was again one of the BEST weekends ever and we can’t wait for a second round.

We want to thank all the girls for making all the way to Zaragoza and of course the sponsors who supported this event:  Longboard Zaragoza, In Gravity, Caribbean, Toxic World, Drop Inn, Bonita Bay, Camping Ciudad de Zaragoza, Wau films and Oscar Carrasco.


  • Jess says:

    This article has brought a massive smile to my face! Thankyou for sharing your love of longboarding to the world, this sounds like such an amazing event! Thankyou for being so inspirational 🙂

  • Charlie says:

    Deff not missing the next one! 😉

  • Lyndal says:

    Thanks for sharing, sounds like best weekend eva! Wish we had something like this in Australia