Amanda Powell moves to Sector 9

Last week it was made public that our dear friend and travelling mate Amanda Powell will not longer belong to Loaded & Orangatang team and would now be riding for Sector 9. From LGC we want to send her our best wishes in her new longboard home! Keep ripping hard girl!

Amanda: “Endless thanks and big love to Loaded/Orangatang for all they’ve done for me and the skate community. So stoked for new beginnings and adventures with Sector 9. (:”

Loaded & Orangatang’s official press release:

“Amanda Powell Follows the Yellow Brick Road
Ambassador Amanda Powell has decided to move on from Loaded Boards and Orangatang Wheels. We are stoked to have been able to support Amanda and her passion for growing the female board sports community. We look forward to seeing great things from her for years to come and cherish our continued friendship.
To the future,” (The Loaded Crew)


  • maya says:

    you are my rollmottel

  • Oid Gomez says:

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