Time Travelling to the 70’s: The Catalina Classic Contest

By February 23, 2012 2 Comments


Thanks to Roadrider1973 who uploaded this amazing video, we are able to enjoy and grasp some of the atmosphere of The Catalina Classic Downhill Skateboard and Slalom Race held in 1977.

A lot of the top racers from back in the day were in there: Jamie Hart, Bob Skoldberg, Mike Goldman, Dennis Shufeldt, Ellen O’Nell or Deanna Calkin who was the winner of the slalom category.

If you want to go deeper and find out more about it, there is an article of the Sports Illustrated Magazine of 1977 portraying the details:

This event was held September 15-16, 1977 on Catalina Island located 26 miles (42km) off the coast of Southern California and rumour has it that it will be revivied on 2012 on the same spot…

 So stay tuned, you wont want to miss this 35 years later!