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Monki is an entity derived from mixtures of old chemicals, forgotten in the ruins of old fabric factories in the city of oil and steel. Monki is both a way of doing life and doing fashion.  Monki is also a store concept and women’s clothes brand. Unique illustrated prints on clothes, packaging and stationaries continously tells stories from the world of the Monkis.”

The Swedish brand Monki has an interesting website where we can find a very inspiring section: Monki Television.

Moki Television sneak peeks into the lives of different girls, all of them involved, in one way or another, in an artistic and creative world. Each month Monki Television focuses on one girl and, through different episodes, they show us how these creative girls work and walk us around their hometowns or places that inspire them.

A photographer, an illustrator, a writer, a journalist, London, Berlin, Brighton, New York City, Copenhagen… and lots of new coffee stores, restaurants, bookshops and vintage shops to discover!

We recommend you to check it out!

Web page: http://www.monki.com

Monki Television: http://www.monki.com/Monki_World/92330.1?category=Monki+Television

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Monki

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