Making Your Own Longboarding Slide Gloves

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Most slide gloves are made for big male hands, some are expensive but unlike boards these are easy to make at home.

Surfing the web we compiled some useful tips to make your own slide gloves, cheap and fast!





1- Work Gloves – from a hardware store. They should be thick and strong. Don’t get too cheap, or you might regret it later!

2- A Thick Plastic Cutting Board – from the housewares section. The boards for chopping vegetables are perfect for making sliding pucks for longboarding gloves!

2 – A Jigsaw – you are going to cut that cutting board up, and a jigsaw is the easiest way to do it.

There are two different ways to make your own longboard sliding gloves. In one way, you screw the plastic slide pads onto the gloves, and in the other way you melt them on.


The Melting Method: you’ll need a strong torch, like a large butane torch will do.

The Screw Method: you’ll need screws! Several of them – get at least 20. These need to be small screws, around a quarter of an inch long. You don’t want them to go all the way through the pads at the start, so take a look at the cutting board you buy and don’t get screws longer than the board is thick. You also need a power screwdriver (like a powered hand drill). And finally, some thinner scrap plastic will help make your gloves more comfortable, but it’s not needed.

The Velcro Method: you’ll need some Shoe Goo and a couple feet of industrial strength Velcro (both hook and loop sides). This can be purchased for a relatively low price at a hardware store and will give you plenty of extra for making replacement pucks (and additional gloves) later on.

Video Tutorial



  • Stacy says:

    This is nice. I mean the fact that it is really possible to make one of these on your own. But I am more than sure that sooner or later you’ll have to consider getting something more serious. Mostly because of the safety issues.

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