Laura’s Story

By February 7, 2012 14 Comments

This is the story of a very brave girl, this is the story of Laura.  We met her at the girls’ meet this past Sept, she was the fastest rider who won the Rayne Hustler in the contest we made during La Noche en Negro. Who would have thought that behind her,  there was such an incredible and inspiring story:

“After one intense month of heavy headaches, loss of equilibrium and inexplicable  loss of sight, on March 30th of 2009, one  day after my birthday I was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

The tumor was located in the encephalon and spinal medulla, the section of the brain that controls balance and sight between others.

After a long surgery everything came out fine, but I had to learn anew how to walk, like a 1 year old baby. My eyes were uncoordinated ( everything I saw looked doubled) and  I lost my hair with the post op radiation treatment for the residual tumors. The doctors told me that little by little after a month I would start recovering my eyesight and balance. I  would go  around grabbing my mother, then later on crutches and then finally I was able to stand with no help from others. Of course, nobody would have bet a penny that I could ride, I was lucky enough to be walking!!!…

One day I  went down to the garage where I kept my old skateboard and couldn’t but hop on, but inevitably I fell off. I didn’t say anything to my parents, I didn’t want to worry them.

In time I went to Salamanca (Spain) for my design studies, where I met a guy that rode a longboard and I fell in love with it at first sight. Onwards  I took it upon myself the recovery,  and taking control over  the board was part of it.  I have not let it go since  or wanted to for that matter. It’s part of me as much as it is breathing and eating.

The feeling of freedom as if I was flying when I am on top of my board is something I cannot explain with words. Only thing I can say is there is always a smile on my face since I started riding again and that it has helped me a lot in my recovery. [quote align=”right”]I’m happy to say that the only medication I take right now is cruising daily, if possible during the night, with awesome music.[/quote]

Another passions of mine is art. I love it!! I love to draw, paint, illustrate… I am lucky to combined both loves, while painting some boards for a friend. These years have taught me that the only way you can make your dreams come true is to really go after them. It is clear for me now that will  is power and that   we need to live in the present as we never know what is going to happen to us. It only takes believing  in yourself  to get wherever you want!”