Top 10 “Best 2011 Longboard Moments” Photo Contest

By January 23, 2012 6 Comments

As long awaited, this is the top 10 rated pictures of our Best 2011 Longboard Moment contest. We received almost 100 pictures from around the globe, people from all ages and gender shared what they regarded their best longboard moment of last year!
We are full of joy not only because the awesome response the contest had, but by the quailty of the pictures,and most importantly the message depicted in them.

The best pictures were:
1. Davide Orlando- Italy.
2. Cecile Arguelles- France.
3. Albany Colmenares – Venezuela.
4. Nadia Tumidajska – Poland.
5. Bregt Vyvey – Belgium.
6. Alejandro Usyk – Spain.
7. Raisa Abal – Spain.
8. Rachel Grant – Belgium.
9. Lars Tuexen – Germany.
10. Klaudia Karasińska – Poland.


We want to thank once again our sponsor Sector 9 europe for kindly providing the prizes for this first contest.

We wish you all to start compiling unforgettable this 2012 as there will be for sure another such contest next year, and please, ride safe!

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