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When your hobbies become your PASSION

By December 22, 2011 2 Comments
Andrea is a 21 year old longboarder living in Madrid, an Audiovisual Communication student who loves filming and editing movies. Recently she confessed us that always loved drawing too and a few years ago decided to focus on it a bit more, trying to combine her passions.
When she showed us her illustration on Flickr we could not imagine how talented she was and so we decided that she ought to be in one of our WE LIKES!

When I draw, I put on music and let time pass by… nothing matters  anymore. When I ride a longboard, time passes by  and I don’t even   notice it. For me both things, drawing and  londboarding, involve a connection with myself, a peaceful one, in which I stop thinking  about the mad world around   me.
It’s nice having time to focus on a  white paper, a pencil, a brush and some ink cans; and try to draw every little thing that inspires me,  even if it’s meaningless, even if   it’s   just some lyrics of a random song… even if it’s just a piece  of  wood  with four wheels on it – Andrea.

You can check Andrea’s portfolio visiting her Blog and her Flickr profile.



















  • chemy says:

    hi 5 Andrea..!!!
    i can’t live without drawing and longboarding…!

  • Celia says:

    Yo también soy de Madrid, también estudié Comunicación Audiovisual, estoy con un curso de dibujo y porsupuestísimo también con mi Longboard. El siguiente paso… Personalizar la Longboard…