[quote align=”right”]”We were all so excited, it was something new, something beautiful… We had a lot of those moments in this trip” Jacky[/quote]

This time we take our van into a ferry, leave the peninsula behind and sail through the Mediterranean sea to finally reach one of the places we most looked forward to go when we planned this trip: the beautiful island of Mallorca.
Contrary to the popular belief, the balearic islands are not all about sandy beaches and night partying, Mallorca is the mecca of extreme downhilling. In the slopes of Sa Calobra we definitely had the gnarliest skate session many of us have ever experienced in our longboard lifetime and this includes even Marisa. The road was long, with 20+ hairpins, breathtaking views, rocky terrain, and paradise beaches with deep blue water to cool down once the sessions were over.

On this stop we met up with our LGC redheaded Paula who showed her home-island off and Sophie, who flew all the way from Alicante to spend a couple of days together. We were welcome by the local riders, a lovely crew who shared their skating wisdom and made our riding on Sa Calobra unforgettable!
Special thanks to all of them!, also to the Mallorca Film Comission who helped us promote the project and make all the arrangements for our stay and to Balearia ferry company-who delivered us safely to this new adventure…


  • Fran says:

    LO AME!!!

  • linus says:

    oh, siempre habia pensado en esas curvas de Sa Calobra como un buen spot. Me ha encantado el final en mi pueblo de verano, en cala agulla. 🙂

  • joey says:

    y esa musica <3

  • Chris says:

    It kinda worries me that therer are only model-like girls in your videos. Where are the longboarding average girls? It feels somehow wrong. And I don’t like longboarding videos where the riders don’t wear helmets at all.
    LGC with its huge fanbase should be a role model for girls’ selfesteem and safety in general.

    Greetings from Germany,

  • Mónica says:

    Hi Chris! I understand your concern and since I know these girls close enough (one of them is my sis), I can assure you that their weight and height is average and participate in the videos because of their skating skills not by their look. Perhaps Juan Rayos’ lense is so good that makes you look the most beautiful girl in the world 😉 but again, their beauty is natural and lovely average. As for the helmets, the girls wear their helmets in most of the videos except perhaps the first one (they would have never dreamed they would become an example to follow), and keep working to have all of them with helmets… Leading LGC is a great responsabilty, please, understand that it takes time until all this is regulated!

    cheers from Spain,

  • matindahouse says:

    Podrían poner los nombre de las canciones y los interpretes… esta muy bueno el 2do capitulo…

    Saludos desde Chile…

  • Gagnebin says:

    Yeah soo cool!!!! Weel done 😉

  • NatMartini says:

    Why see if they are pretty or not? Let’s pay attention to the skills and everything else. Being beautiful or not makes no difference! The equipment, I agree.