For Us By Us: FUBU Race!

By November 1, 2011 2 Comments

The Toronto Girls Longboarding presents the 1st annual FUBU race complete with Toonie races from the top to bottom of the Big Red Canoe track and a FREE timed slalom event.

Aubrey, Christina and I are here to spread the stoke and encourage other females to come out and test their longboarding skills in a supportive environment. Though this race only pertains to girls, guys are still welcome to come out and enjoy the beautiful weather, food, and music!

We hope to get girls from ALL OVER Ontario to come down. Surrounding this event, we plan to run a lake shore cruise on Saturday with an after-party at Club 54. We will also be screening the first episode of Juan Rayos’ “Endless Roads” as well as other old videos by Jonathan Nuss to increase stoke! – Cindy Zhou

If you’re from out of town, let Cindy, Christina or Aubrey know and they will be sure to find accommodations for you! (contact:

FUBU Race is possible thanks to the sponsors and their support:

Loaded / Orangatang / Switchback Longboards / Longboard Living / S&J / Skate Invaders / UofT Longboarding


  • racing girls says:

    Well I’m sure that this event of FUBU race gone successfully, I think for girls it is a pretty good idea to initiate in games. I saw some videos of last fubu race event and girls were doin appreciable. Its an encouraging blog, girls must read it and should take participate in it.

  • tom says:

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