1st Annual FUBU Weekend

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Here it is, the official FUBU (For Us By Us) weekend video! Between the Saturday Cruise and the Sunday Events, we had almost 40 girls come out to skate and spread good vibes. We had over 20 sign up for the 2 slalom events, and a whopping 16 girls sign up for the race! We want to thank all the sponsors that helped make this event even that much more amazing. Longboard Living, Skate Invaders, Loaded, Orangatang, Rayne, Sector 9, Kebbek, S & J Sales, Switchback, Abec 11, and Concrete Wave. Check them all out!

If there’s one thing this video is missing, it’s the MEN who showed their chivalry and helped make everything run so smoothly. On behalf of the ladies, I’d like to thank the boys at Club 54 (Adam a.k.a Joker, Matt a.k.a McLovin) for letting us use their house, Ryan R for always supporting and promoting the event, Ryan V for his event expertise, Rob for setting up the slalom, Park, Nuss and Brad for filming, Bill for letting us use his truck and guarding the prizes, Nate, Justin, Ryan S, and Chris for keeping time, and everyone else who came and supported the ladies! I’m sorry if I forgot anyone but there were just so many people who helped make this a success.



Amateur Slalom (Top 3)

1. Irene
2. Binny
3. Lee-Anne

Pro Slalom (Top 3)
1. Lisa
2. Andi
3. Chantell

Time Trials (Top 6)
1. 1:19.3 Chantell
2. 1:19.7 Andi
3. 1:24.6 Lisa
4. 1:25.9 Diane
5. 1:26.9 Aubrey
6. 1:27.3 Mioche
*Click the link for the full race results

Toonie Race (Top 8 )
1. Cindy
2. Chantell
3. Andi
4. Ponyta
5. Knives
6. Lisa
7. Diane
8. Micki


Longboard Girls Crew Canada

Cindy Zhou