Longboard Demo Day in Croatia!

By October 15, 2011 No Comments

If you are nearby to Arena in Zagreb (Croatia) and you are curious about  longboard equipment or you are thinking about getting a longboard, you can’t miss the Demo Day that will be taking place tomorrow, October 16th at 4pm!

Demo Day idea was born to make life easier to all the folks that  are planning to buy a longboard or already have one but want to learn more and try different equipment, thus this is a great opportunity for all the beginners or those who just bought a board to try out different setups and decide whether Longboard is the sport for them. The attendees will have all sorts of boards and setups available to try out.

“We are glad that we can see each day more and more longboards in Zagreb but a lot of people don’t have anyone to ask for tips and tricks, for that reason in the Demo Day we will have a small school for the basic moves – such as pushing, footbreak and sliding”

– Delysid Ellise. Longboard Girls Crew Croatia Ambassador.


This event is organized by Longboard Girls Crew Croatia, Longboard Magazin Croatia, under the umbrella of Longboard Europe and supported by Longboard Magazin Slovenia

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