Intime – Skate Contest in São Paulo

We just came across a huge event that is taking place today in São Paulo, Brazil.

Intime is the name of an amateur/ beginner skate contest. A full twelve hours non stop good skateboarding exhibition in one of the biggest tracks of the city: São Bernardo do Campo.

The organization will be giving away 30,000 R$ in prizes, including two brand new bikes for the winners of the Beginner and Amateur categories.
Besides the competitions, there will be a wide range of different activities including rock, reggae and hip – hop concerts, graffiti performances, dirt bike, break dance and a lot more skateboarding exhibits.

Last year, the Intime Skate Constest had its first edition and it was a huge sucess: 20,000 people attended the event and 100 subscribed. The participation expectancy this year is of 25,000 people attending the event!


If you want further info about Intime, check their website:


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