Broadway Bomb 2011

By October 11, 2011 3 Comments

That sharp chill, brings me back to buttoning loose overalls in 3rd grade hallways. And that scent, reminds me of late night teenage drives, defying time. But what about the link between memory and sound? What about a roar? A thousand people cheering behind a unified force: longboarding.

Previous to this weekend’s 10th annual Broadway Bomb, I never skated with more than 5 people at a time. Moment of silence….

Trying to describe the joy in a fresh concrete carve is just as difficult as trying to explain skating with hundreds of people from around the world, in one city, down a single street. So, I won’t.

Instead, I will tell you to participate. Find a way to feel…
Go grab a longboard. A helmet. Some gloves. Two friends, or more. Grab the wind, and yourself. Attend the Bomb next year. And then try to explain the experience. You will quickly learn why you longboard. And if you are reading this and smiling, you already know…

This weekend I had the pleasure of reuniting with some old friends and making some new. Everyone was so welcoming and joyful! I honestly believe that longboarding makes us more aware and willing to interact with everyone. It makes me better. Thank you for that. I am happy I got to share this stoke with you!




Mia Legg

Here another video edited by Cindy Zhou , Longboard Girls Crew Canadian Ambassador. Check it out!